Hi all
have any arrangments been made for a BMW this year and if so what are the details please?


TheFatController (at) CumbriaMuni (dot) com

I don’t know. I think Joe R suggested doing it at Coed y Brenin. If no one else has suggested anywhere else, then that’d probably be a good thing to do.

camping here - a few miles away, but supposedly a really nice site, has b&b + self catering accom for people who don’t like camping.

The trails at CYB are really really good. There’s also big natural riding in the area too.

I’d suggest the 5/6/7 September, or 26/27/28 September as good dates to run it as they’re both empty on the calendar. Personally I’d rather the later date as Coed y Brenin is less crowded as it gets closer to the winter, but it would be colder for camping.


Don’t know what BMW means. Around here its sometimes Big Maine Woman

British Muni Weekend.


Around here, it’s a Big Mormon Wagon, the type you use to transport all 13 of your kids.