BMW Uni Video

Is this old news?

i have no idea but who ever is riding the uni “has trouble handling”

I was expecting a video about the British Muni Weekend. <lol>

Did you just say lol or am i missing something?


I watched it 3 times, and I don’t get it. Dang!

I mean, I guess they are pointing out that it is better to have the driving wheels without steering,
but, I know of 4WD and AWD vehicles. I’d rather have that handling in snow. Right? Heck, unless I’m trying to have fun, I’d rather have front wheel drive in snow also!

I don’t get it.

its saying that when a wheel is made to drive AND steer it becomes harder to control. they apply the same theory to b*kes. however i would like to see them use that commercial with a skilled freestylist who would obviously have mor control than that car.

Yeah the ad is at least a couple of years old, I remember seeing it on British TV.
It’s a pretty crap advert, but then so are most other TV adverts.
The one cool thing about it is it is so well filmed! I’d love to see some decent freestyle riding filmed like that.

I remember the ad, it WAS some years ago tho.
Any one who came to the very first BMW ( British Muni Wekend) back in 1999 might remember the ultimate riding machine line being on the T-shirts. And the Logo that was just a little bit like the BMW cars one on the web site.
Boy that weekend was a long time ago. Arh, fond memories come flooding back.

i’ts new for me, quite cool though

That was a really dumb ad. Now they are selling 4wd BMWs too. ha.

Director: No no no no… we want it to look real bad… wave your arms more and twist around a lot…

OK… Take 2… ACTION! :smiley: