BMW - log jumping/limbo competition

Hello all potential BMW attendees,

I’ve been touting with the idea of adding a log jumping competition at the the
BMW. So I’ve set to work and created a load of logs to jump, try:

This carefully crafted unit takes anywhere from 0-7 logs, giving a final height
of around 50cm I think. The plan is to start low. He/She who jumps the most logs
(without falling off !) wins.

Log Jumping aside there is the limbo unit (bamboo stick arrangement on top)
which we can have a limbo competition with - smallest wheel size limited to 20".

Anyway, this is just something I knocked up in my spare time and there’s no
official time allocated to such events, I’ve only mentioned it to the organisers
in passing, so if there’s no time and no-one fancies, we can have a nice fire…



PS - please don’t reply to my anti-spam address cause it don’t exist - try the
one below !!

  • logs, I can’t jump none !

Simon Greenway | I.O.U O | | Romsey, Hampshire, UK. | Idiots On Unicycles #/
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from 1 to 10 on a logarythmic scale, I vote 0.1