BMW inspiration

Well there’s at least one new unicyclist as a result of the BMW.

After his first attempt on Paul’s 20" uni (with some excellent coaching from
Paul) my youngest son Sam (10) asked me daily when was I going to get him a
unicycle. So, I gave up looking for a second hand uni and we went down to DM on
Saturday afternoon and bought a new 20". By Sunday evening he had taught
himself to ride 25 metres and managed 1 freemount and is now learning to turn -
must run in the family :slight_smile: (except it took me 2 months to do that!) The only
bad news is that we had to cut 2 inches off the seat post so he could reach the
pedals and now it is too small for ME.

Incidentally, our ride through town on Sunday en route to the pub has caused a
certain amount of local comment; and we were noticed by the bike shop who kindly
provided some of the prizes. A picture appeared in the local press which I will
try and publish to a site this week (yes, you are in it Ali)

Jerry Cooper