BMW - a little bit late

Hi everybody,

I’m a little bit late with my BMW review, but I didn’t manage it until now.
Well, first of all, to all those that have been there and saw my cheek. I’m well
again. I was at the dentist, 4 days after the pain started and he was quite
impressed. I had a quite bad abscess with lots of pus (can?) and the cheek as
well as the gums were very cankerous (?). It was the most unpleasant visit to a
dentist I had in all my life. I had to see him every day until friday to get the
whole thing clean. The tooth is dead now, but needs further treatment. Anyway,
yesterday I had my first Muni trip in the forests behind my house and it went
well, so everything is fine again.

Now for the weekend. It was superb except for the pain. The good thing, while
riding, I didn’t feel much. My dentist explained that this is due to the strain.
It makes the blood rush and therefore distributes the germs. This loweres the
density at one place, but unfortunatelly, it spreads the disease :frowning: O.k. so I
either rode or slept :slight_smile:

Well, the weekend was very well organized. The campsite was very fine, an
english park with a broad variety of different trees. When I was all alone on
sunday evening I wandered around at looked at them. I really love this big
lebanon cedar. Thanks to Jerry, the time trial and the rides were very well
chosen and prepared. As these were my first real Muni tours, I wasn’t sure
wether I would be good enough. It’s hard to determine the abilities of others if
you only read about them (apart from Kris’ 5 feet jump from a ramp). Well, I
discovered that there are better riders than me, but that I could join them for
almost any ride without them having to wait for me every 100m. This was very
satisfactory for me. The problem is me being all alone here (with Muniing) and
this makes it hard to know what’s good or bad or what can be done. The people
were really nice. I knew none of them, they all spoke english, but I didn’t feel
alone. This is something I discovered on many conventions, especially the small
ones. You’re never alone. If you’re lost somehow, there’s always someone to help
you (Thanks to Sarah and Paul giving me a lift to the supermarket :slight_smile:

It has been great fun and I don’t regret any single pound I spent on this trip.
If there’s something similar next year I will come again (hopefully with
healthy teeth).

Thanks to everyone (i.e. all who were there) who made this weekend a
very fine one.


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