Bmw 2005 (uk)

British Muni Weekend is getting closer!

Friday 10th June 2005 to Sunday 12th June 2005

Everything the muni addict needs (and probably more) in one fix weekend!

Routes will include everything from 18+ mile technical XC or fast tricky DH or even 3 mile technical-trials routes that can be repeated again and again and again… - plus some easier riding for the less experienced.

Details will be posted in near future - please check back soon.

For more info contact: Simon on 07793 969 227 or email

Getting closer!

OK Des but its closer than it was the last time I posted!!

Hows the knee?


Getting there.

still cant ride coker but i have been riding muni with 110’s on the road to get the legs spinning.

hopefully will be all better in the next couple of months

I’m writing this from an internet cafe in New Zealand while having a break from two weeks of down-hill unicycling. I’m sorry Simon, but when I read Des’ reply I had to laugh - in fact, so much everyone in the cafe wondered what was wrong with me.

See you soon guys.


Hiya Steve.
Now stop gloating and get out and do some riding!LOL
hope its going well

see you soon