BMW 2004/2 - Cumbria Final Details

Parking for BMW

Please note - not all routes will go ahead if we do not get the requests.

All parking spots tend to get full or crowded by about 9.30-10.00 unless the weather is bad. Can someone double check the OSGR’s to see if they make sense please.

Garburn Pass and Kentmere bridleways - park next to the stream off the A592 near to the western start of Garburn Pass bridleway at Church Bridge, Troutbeck. OSGR 414027

Claife Heights (if it goes ahead) park on car park at west shore of Windermere near Red Nab OSGR 385994

Latrigg, Skiddaw and LOnscale to Whitewater Dash park at Latrigg - Underskiddaw car park (take Applethwaite/Ormathwaite road off of A591 judt north of A66 and Crosthwaite roundabout)
OSGR 282254

For Honister to Grange park in Honister Pass on road edge near start of bridleway (see maps - near cattle grid at Little Gatesgarthdale) unless you want a shorter ride when you need to park in Grange and walk back up to Castle roack where most of the fun starts ie the northern end.

There is not a good signal in the Lakes but if you need to contact us try home number 016974 76552 or 07793 969 227.

I have ordered some intermittent sunshine (dont want to get too hot) so dont worry about the weather.

See you all there!



“Yet To Be Named…”

The Video “Yet to be named…” will be available at the muni weekend for anyone who wants a copy. They will be priced at £2 to cover producing costs. If anyone wants one could they please e-mail me at:

lever dot mark at ntlworld dot com - adjust as neccesary…

I wil endeavour to bring a few spares, but a vague idea on numbers would be nice.

Many Thanks

Mark Lever and Rick Else

P.S Trailer avaialable Here

It will be on VCD format, and should play in most/all DVD players and PC’s


Re: Parking for BMW

The Ordinance Survey Grid References worked with my ‘Ordnance Survey Interactive Atlas of Great Britain’ and I now have some nice printouts of the areas.

We’re taking our 2 way radios (as well as mobiles). If anyone else has some it might help groups keep in touch over short distances if there’s no/poor mobile phone signal on the rides.


Re: Re: Parking for BMW

The Ordnance Survey says… bing! :slight_smile:


Looks like I shall be in Sunny Wales for the weekend :frowning:

I’ve got a prior commitment on Sunday that I’ve been trying to get out of with no luck. I can’t really drive up for just for Saturday (especially as the nicer weather will be on Sunday :sunglasses: )

Hope every has a good time and I shall try a lot harder to get to Cumbria II next year.


well I’m at home after saturday, it didn’t rain!!! wahey! :smiley: And Sundays meant to be the better day…lookin good :sunglasses: