BMW 2004/2 - Cumbria Final Details

DATE - 24th to 26th September 2004

Camp - Gillside Campsite, Glenridding

Routes -
Sat - Garburn Pass, Kentmere, Kentmere Bridleways (XC) or Claife Heights

Sun - Skiddaw DH, Honister to Grange, Latrigg or Lonscale to Whitewater Dash and return via Blencathra Centre

Campsite for Friday & Saturday night we suggest is Gillside at Glenridding, 017684 32346 It has a shower/washing/toilet block and can provide milk and eggs. Cost Per Night - Adults £4, Children 5 - 16yrs £2, Tent £1, Vehicle £1.

The village of Glenridding, which originally housed the miners from the disused Greenside mine, has a good selection of general food and gift stores, a National Park information centre, post office, cafes and restaurants, together with a variety of hotel and public bars -just 5 minutes walk away, beside the shores of Ullswater.


Directions - From the M6 - Junction 36 - take the A591 to Windermere then the A592 over kirkstone Pass to Patterdale and Glenridding. Turn left and follow the Greenside road where Gillside is signed…or
From the M6 - Junction 40 take the A66 westwards and then the A592 which follows the Ullswater Road to Glenridding, Turn right and follow the Greenside Road where Gillside is signed.

The route details are as follows…

Lake District Bridleways:

For the new or infrequent visitor to Cumbria please note that the terrain dictates the general type of riding which tends to be Mountain Unicycling rather than trail or cross-country riding. The majority of bridleways are on the hills or over high passes, consequently there are lots of Mountain routes some of which can be a little steep. We have tried to pick a variety of routes to suit all tastes but all will require some riding uphill or walking depending how good you are at riding up hill.

MAPS – English Lakes OS – SE i.e. Explorer OL7
English Lakes OS – NW i.e. Explorer OL4

SATURDAY – Kentmere

Garburn Pass One of the top five routes in Cumbria. Linear in nature, up to a pass from Troutbeck to about 1200ft (may require some walking depending on how much uphill you have done before) and over the top down to Kentmere, turn around and go back again. The downhill westbound i.e. the return is easier than eastbound which has a few technical sections.

The hardest parts on The east side:

One of the hardest sections on the west:

Kentmere has a high number of bridleways in and out of the valley. Therefore for those who are looking for a long cross-country route, Garburn Pass could be used to access Kentmere and devise one of the numerous circular routes possible. However, we cannot attest as to the quality of all of the routes around Kentmere.

For those wishing a fun day of easier non-technical non-steep riding we would recommend Claife Heights on the west side of Windermere. Numerous routes are possible including a longer circular one with plenty of short sections of interest to play on along the way as well as a swim in the Lake at the end if desired.

SUNDAY- Borrowdale

Honister to Grange

Starts off with easy flat-ish cross country going along the side of the valley the reaches Castle Rock which starts the rocky (hard in places) descent which then leads down to the River Derwent. Then it’s time to have a nice swim/chill out. When ready Ride/walk back up to castle rock and start the xc singletrack part again. I would advise experienced riders to take this route if they like the sound of it, it’s a nice ride with a lot of everyhting in it including a swim! (My prefered route out of the options)

Some of the rocky slightly stepped sections after Castle Rock:

Skiddaw Downhill
Simple – walk to summit and ride down non-technical but steep in most places. Start from Latrigg car park (preferable) or for the greatest amount of downhill, the A66 and the first layby east of roundabout signed to Carlisle and Bassenthwaite. A great route for those who are fans of steep but not technical riding.

Just before the steep parts come on Jenkin Hill:

Skiddaw House - Whitewater Dash - Blencathra Centre- Lonscale Fell
A cross-country route (fairlyrare in Cumbria for obvious reasons) which is very varied in character. Please BEWARE of the cliff edge when riding or walking under Lonscale, we wouldn’t want any deaths now would we . Return from Blencathra Centre to Latrigg car park is via tracks and footpaths (map useful). A nice XC route mostly fairly easy but very pleasant and has some more interesting sections.

Tim finding his suicidal side:

Big Si on the white-water dash side:

Latrigg – Mostly footpaths and tracks but easy gently trails both up and around Latrigg

TheFatController (at) CumbriaMuni (dot) com

From Simons details about the BMW

seems to work rather better as a link to the campsites own page.

Any body want to share the bunk house or a static caravan? The bunk house is avalible at present and that would cost 7 ukp per head per night, which is only 1 pound more than it would cost for a single person in a car and tent.
There are 20 bunks, and a kitchen ( no pans or cultery provided) so its basic accomadation but indoors. I was thinking of booking it for the friday night and saturday night.

I’m willing to do the booking if you e-mail me direct before midnight on friday 17th sept. sarah dot miller at unicyclist dot com.


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Garburn Pass The hardest parts on The east side:

Honister to Grange - Some of the rocky slightly stepped sections after Castle Rock:

Under Lonscale Fell - Tim finding his suicidal side:



So far there has been a smattering of interest, John, Julien thank you. Any more people want to sleep under a roof on friday and saturday nights, just think no wet tent to pack up…
Joe, Phil, Gary,… you interested?

well actully phil, john thinks your interested but won’t commit you.

Ooops, forgot to reply yesterday… yes, I am definitely interested in a roof over our heads, and avoiding the possibility of having to put up a tent in the dark like last time…

Although I’m intrigued at what do you mean by “packing up a wet tent”… surely it’s not going to rain? :slight_smile:


Probably a bit of morning dew, you get that after a dry night following a day of glorious sunshine which is what we are going to have, yes I will be able to make it, I leave Monday for the lakes so will do a few days of that strange two legged thing (I think they call it hiking) before meeting up on the Friday.


Ok, bunk house space is booked for 7, could only get 7 spaces as some one else ( who I don’t think is a munier) has booked the rest of it in a very boring manner.
So the 1st 7 people to contact me wanting a bunk were

Paul Selwood, me, John Himsworth, Phil Himswoth, Julien and friend, Keith Griffiths.

Anyone not on that list who mailed me, I’m really sorry but as there were only 7 bunks avalible I went for first come first served, so you best bring a tent. If any one drops out or the other group cancel then things might change.
However even with other group in the building we can still use the kitchen for mass pasta cooking and late night yarning:-)


Positive thinking, that’s what I like to here :slight_smile:

Yes, the weathers going to be beatiful, sunny, warm, but a slight breeze to keep us slightly cool. Not a cloud in the sky. oh yes…oh yes… :sunglasses:


It can be nothing else, I’ve been to Cumbria before and know for a fact that it never ever rains there.

indeed…it’s not phisically posible to rain in cumbria…there more chance of it being sunny in wales than raining in cumbria…:slight_smile:

So where DOES all the water in the lakes come from then?

Looking forward to a weekend of unicycling in them there hills.

very good question, it’s just naturally found there and is protected by a special layer that pretects the water from evapouration so is always there…honest…


That’ll be the very special layer preventing evaporation by the suns rays known as CLOUDS will it.
I’ve been looking in the MTB mags and that Thekeld, Blencathra, Lonsdale crags loop gets really good write ups. I’m looking forward to it.

Re: BMW 2004/2 - Cumbria Final Details

Originally posted by Cumbria_Muni&Trials_Club
[B]DATE - 24th to 26th September 2004

Camp - Gillside Campsite, Glenridding

Routes -
Sat - Garburn Pass, Kentmere, Kentmere Bridleways (XC) or Claife Heights

Sun - Skiddaw DH, Honister to Grange, Latrigg or Lonscale to Whitewater Dash and return via Blencathra Centre

Simon could you post grid references for your expected startpoints (car parks) for your routes.
I’m staying in Borrowdale YHA with my family so getting to a startpoint in that area on Sunday should be easy. However the Saturday ride will take a little forward planning on my part.

Leo White

Phil, John, Julien, Keg- if you get to Gillside before I do, the bunk house 7 bunk room is booked in the name of sarah miller for us 7, could you talk the talk etc. See you there.
PS- don;t forget your ear plugs!
I’m not gonna see much of the forum from now till after BMW, doing a scenic route up to Cumbria sort of thing. If tis urgent txt me.

Re: BMW 2004/2 - Cumbria Final Details

The telephone number is 017684 82346 (a little typo there I think Simon)

BTW I phoned today and they said the site is wet and to keep vehicles on the track, or something like that.


“Wet”? How can the site be “wet”? Aaron said it never rains there! I am stunned.


It must have percolated up through the ground. And nothing should be read into the fact that I’m taking my waterproofs, I believe Aaron completely.


dough, my plan has been seen through!!! :astonished:
Ah well, you’ve ruined it now, it’s gonna rain because of you!! tut tut…