BMW 09 Part 2 Helvellyn, Cumbria

I am really excited to announce.

BMW 09 Part 2

The Second part of British Muni Weekends will be held on.

Friday 21st August to Sunday 23rd August

Helvellyn, Lake District, Cumbria.

Location and Accommodation.
I have managed to book a mountain cottage right on the side of Helvellyn with the summit only an hours walk away and the village of Glenridding an enjoyable 1.5 mile ride away.

From a base near Hellvelyn there is loads of riding which involves getting to the Summit of Hellvelyn and some awesome down hill decents. Their are also some easier ride to be done near and around Glenridding.
Whinlatter Forest is only 16 miles away with the awesome new Altura trail.
Grizedale Forest is 17 miles away with the old classic North Face Trail and many other trails of different abilities.

The Cottage is ours from 15:30 on the Friday and has to be clear by 16:00 on the Sunday.

The Weekend is going to cost £30 per person, for 2 nights stay. We will provide dinner on Friday and Saturday, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, and food to make yourself a packed lunch for Saturday and Sunday.
There is no charge for those who wish to come just for the day,

How to Register
More information will follow within the coming weeks but if you have any questions please email me at

Accomadation link works now

Me and my friend may be coming, assuming he can drive by then lol :smiley:
Reserve a couple spaces lol.

I’ll be there, although I am informed that it clashes with BJC.


haha thats ok, I dont juggle :smiley:

Doh I thought I had made sure that it did not clash with anything but forgot completly the BJC had moved. If this is going to effect too many people coming I can try and change the weekend.

I am going to make some booking forms and get the posted soon so people can book onto the weekend because the cottage can only sleep 16.
But once the cottage is full their is a really nice YHA right next door and I will get some information together for people that can’t fit into the cottage

Not sure I can handle going all the way back up, too soon. I will think about it but its probably pretty unlikley :frowning:

Ok the booking forms are here as you might be aware there are only 16 beds in Bell Cottage so the first 16 people will get a bed in the cottage.
For anyone that is unlucky and misses out on a bed, Glenridding YHA is right next door to Bell Cottage but you will have to book yourself a bed.

Please Print of a Form and send them back ASAP

Ok just to let you all know there are now only 5 Spaces left thats right 5 space and they will be going to the first 5 booking forms I recieve.

A timetable for the weekend or as i think the weekend should be…


17:00 Arrive
18:00 Dinner
19:30 Ride down the hill to the pub (if your old enough)

I think its going to be an early morning (its going to be a big day)
08:00 - 09:30 Breakfast and make lunch
0930 - 16:00 Leave on one amazing ride

18:00 BBQ if weathers good

08:00 - 09:30 Breakfast and clean up cottage
09:30 - ? A good singletrack ride that is down near glenridding

Looking good buddy, i cant wait. Sorry I cant get over this weekend.


I’ll be there and looking forward to it - booking form and cheque in the post.

Steve :smiley:

I’ve finally got my arse in gear, and will be there too. And looking forward to it already!

Just out of interest… who else is going to be there?


i am!
unfortunately, i know thw hawkes brothers arent, im not sure who else.

Sorry I wont be there, as much as i wanted to my friend still cant drive, and if he could by then he doesn’t want to drive that far without a little more experience. Well there is always next year :frowning:
Have fun though, it looks like it will be great!

I just wanted you all to have directions so here they are.

Get yourselves to Glenridding
Turn up Greenside road, then turn left and continue up greenside road, past the travellers rest pub, past the camp site, keep following the road untill the tarmac runs out, take it slow as you continue there are some big pot holes follow the gravel track for about 1.5 miles untill you get to a white cottage on the left this is bell cottage.

If anyone needs further details email me.

Just to let you all know you will need sleeping bags and pillows as their is no bedding.


Bmw 2

Pete and Hannah

Thank you

We had a brilliant weekend

Lisa, Ian and Emily

First of all, thanks to Pete and Hannah for all their hard work in organising this. Secondly, thanks to everyone else there for their part in making it such a great weekend. My body is hating me for it at the moment, but I know that’s just a sign that I had a great time!

I haven’t got around to sorting out or uploading the photos yet, but I should get them online by tomorrow. However, for those of you curious to know where we actually went, here’s a couple of maps to keep you satisfied.

Note that on Saturday my satnav kept cutting out so both the map and elevation are based on the OS maps (But I know we were pretty accurate to the map every time I checked)

Sunday is taken from GPS data of where we actually went. So the planned easy 5.6km ride along the shore of Ullswater was actually 14.1km with an Emily killing hill by the end.

Saturday: Helvellyn

Sunday: Ullswater Boredale loop

If anyone wants gpx routes or whatever, let me know and I’ll send them to you.


14.1km with an Emily killing hill by the end.
– your telling megood ride
you can just see the change from the rest of the ride
pretty flat then that massive hill what was that all about amzing ride

thanx for the great weekend carnt wait to see the pictures

  • where was that hill on the map

Yeah, I can’t imagine why you started to flake out after the first 10km! :slight_smile:

The peak of the hill is pretty much the most southerly point. We went round in a clockwise direction.


Yes thats what i thought i was just wanting to how far i travelled back after that hill got to say that was the only down point to the ride