How does one do these? I would like to improve at grinds so does anyone have any tips for bluntslides?

I would not thave a clue how you would pull this off on a uni…

(front) blunts seem easy. You just jump over onto the other side of the rail. I want to find a rail, and try them. They would seem really easy, and same for back blunts.

good practice for me was just trying to clear over the rail. Then when i felt comfortable with those, i went for it.

start on low rails, and its easier if they’re a little inclined, to help with the slide.


jump the rail, get warmed up, go for it. The slide will probably be alot more abrupt then a normal slide, so make sure to lean forward.

thats all i got, good luck

I grind with my front foot, so jumping over to my back cranks make it seems like a bluntside will be pretty stable/easier.

I should of tried them yesterday at the skatepark.

Ahh ok, i was thinking of something completely different:o

I tried grinding at my local skate park yesturday, but didn’t get it at all. I know what i was doing wrong though, I wasn’t leaning forwards enough, so the uni went out in front of me. But the skaters and BMXers there annoy me, because if you bail they start making stupid noises and laughing. I just find it hard to learn and improve around people like that.

This is what has got to go down. I’ll fly out there, and we’ll shut them up together. Nothing is more annoying than cocky bikers and skaters like that, sorry man.

Blunts - Tweak your body. (add on with the other info out there)

Pele: what is a blunt slilde?

It’s were you jump over a rail and grind on the opposite side you started.

Double agree.

Sweet, now I’ll give it a shot (soon as my back heals :frowning: )

How is your back doing now anyways?

Mine, since yesterday, finally started to feel better. Like, it feels weird, but it doesnt hurt anymore.

I can finally fully tuck on my SIF hops and get back to going for 100cm. Im only 4" away!

Well, a quiestion! it will be easier grind backwards than bluntside??

:angry: talking about skaters, I have to say that mostly skaters (sgaiters better said) are unfriendly with us, They think the skate in “in” and they don’t like unicycling anything! For example: in my city there are many “sgaiters” and uniriders… there are a boy (that ride very very little) and me, well, I could say that now I’m the only rider, after there was more riders here, but now, one became in roller, another in biker… Seriously, I’m very angry with this topic of skaters & co…
p.d.:Sorry by my English…

My back is slowly improving. It starts hurting if I ride, but it’s more or less fine.

I forgot Jerrick, were you able to hop up that rock that I was trying at Portland? Was that around 100cm? Or was it less?

Thats good, hopefully it gets fully healed up. Injuries suck! haha.

Umm, I remember making up two rocks to the right of the stair. I know none of them were 100cm though. Probably around 75-80cm. I wonder any of that was on film.

Still got 3 days to wait now…