Blunt slides

Hey guys I have been working on blunt slides recently, I’m getting pretty good at them. I still have one major problem though.

I can get into the blunt, but I cannot slide for the life of me. I have been practicing them on a flat one by one inch thick 18" high and about 10 foot long rail at the skatepark. So I definatly cannot blame it on the rail. I can jump over and land on the crank or the pedal no problem, I find that when I land on the pedal I tend to not be able to stay ontop of the rail so I have been landing on the crank/pedal and I slide about an inch then stop and jump off the rail. I am going pretty fast and I can slide the whole rail at that speed if I’m doing a normal grind but for some reason I cannot slide blunt slides at all.

Is there a trick to blunt slides that you cannot pick up just by watching them in videos?

I can’t do blunt slides very well either, but I was trying to do them on a steeply slanted rail at a skatepark. I can jump over it and hit the rail, but then I fall right off most the time. It doesn’t help that the take off is slanted aswell.

I would assume it’s easier on a slanted rail…

Hey there,

Same problem with blunts, it’s because you ‘drop in’ to the grind, if you do a normal grind you jump onto the rail with your pedal/crank, when doing a blunt you first jump OVER it, so you have about a 25cm drop onto it, which gets the speed out of the grind. It’s near impossible to pull a long blunt slide on a normal rail, this is where handrails come in :smiley:



i have only done a few… but what works for me is not so much “jumping” over it but just tuck over it really fast and place the crank down before you really start to drop… but what ever works for you!!:o

Yeah that has been what Iu have been doing, I fold as much as possible. I find though that you have to snap back down pretty fast otherwise I just end up jumping over the rail or I land on just the pedal and my wheel does a rotator.