Blue plastic pedals

My daughter has a 6’ giraffe with a blue Miyata seat and Primo tire. She would like some blue pedals to match for Christmas. Does anyone know a source? They must be plastic for gym use. Thanks

David Ramos has some blue plastic pedals on his Semcycle Deluxe 24". They match the blue seat. But I don’t know where he got them. They look just like these, only blue:

He doesn’t get on here much, so he probably won’t see this to reply. Oh well. :slight_smile:


I think you might find what you want at:


Thanks for the replys. Mgrant those are exactly what I’m looking for. Only problem is they are in India and are apparently(sp) the manufactures and would probably have a minimum order in the thousands. Does anyone know if they is distributor in the States?

I like platforms for my uniing, I try to do trials/offroad mostly but when I fool around with freestyle they work fine too. These here are durable, cheap and blue too…:slight_smile: