Blue Peter - UK

Did anyone see Blue Peter this afternoon on BBC1??

Apparently there was some unicyclists on there!

Was anyone here one of them, or know who it was?

I didn’t see it, but I guess they showed some unicycle hockey.

You can vote here to make it an olympic sport:D

get lobbying!


Fortunately my 8YO saw a trailer so we managed to record the program.

I recognised atleast one rider, her family attends the UniMeets. Will watch the clip again later as my wife is recording something at the moment.

Which sport would you like to see at the Olympics?
Snail Racing (111 votes)
Unicycle Hockey (180 votes)
Toe Wrestling (99 votes)

We’re winning :slight_smile:

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You guys have a show called Blue Peter?? haha

Blue Peter is pretty much an institution in the UK and has been broadcast for nearly 50 years. It’s named after the ‘ready to sail’ flag hoisted by ships.

My kids are grown up now so Blue Peter’s not watched in our house any more but I would have liked to see that feature, any chance of someone uploading it? Keith maybe :wink:

I didn’t see it, but I got a guy at work to record it. I’ll have a copy of it on DVD tomorrow, so I should be able to upload it then.


You could also have seen it 4 years ago when I was on there playing hockey!! :stuck_out_tongue:

That was so long ago, but I can still remember it like it was yesterday!!

The video is here

It’s the whole of the “Blue Peter Olympics” section, and it’s in the wrong aspect ratio (short fat people), apologies to all involved :wink:


I’m afraid my last post was a little optimistic, the video isn’t up yet, I’m having some trouble with the decoding the DVD to MPEG. My first attempt wasn’t very successful.

Sorry, you’ll all have to wait a little longer!


The video is here and I’ve uploaded a bigger version

One of the presenters is taking part, fairly easy to spot, but cool none the less.


Awww… you cut out the toe wrestling. :frowning:

Matt is the presenter on the unicycle, he did a bike race once on lots of different contraptions like Penny Farthings, Unicycles and mini-bikes. He’s also a good gymnast with a good sense of balance.

Cheers for the video!

So who were the riders?

I’m guessing “Joe” was Joe Baxter (the hair gives it away!!)

And the presenter Matt also.

But that still leaves a few names to put to faces.

Who are they?


Thats not Joe Baxter, he doesn’t have long hair!!

And I think to travel from Newcastle to London for that 1 minute feature is a bit much!!

Get you!!

I’m getting my Joes mixed up. Joe Marshal, not Joe Baxter.

Newcastle to london too far to travel, pfft. Try being a unicyclist in Scotland!

As Unicus said, Blue Peter is an institution. Therefore distance does not matter.

I would travel from Glasgow to be on Blue Peter for just 10 seconds if I had the chance!


It’s not Joe Marshall either as they’re all kids in that clip, except the presenter, some of which do look vaguely familiar from unimeets but I don’t know their names. I’ll look out at the next unimeet for the Blue Peter badges :wink:

Thanks for uploading it up Paul.

Hi, I know this is really random but I’m wondering if you can help me. It was me on this Blue Peter show doing unicycling hockey! And I’ve been trying to find the video of it ever since but never been successful and I’d love it if you could upload it again or something for me if you still have access to it!! Thank you! Sophie :slight_smile: