blue Nimbus 36

I’m selling my Nimbus 36. Here are its specs:

blue KH Freeride saddle - there’s a small hole torn on the back of the cover that’s just cosmetic and has been there for more than a year
KH seatpost and rail adapter/brake mount - (no brake included)
quick release seatpost clamp
blue Nimbus 36 frame
Wheel TA tire with plenty of miles left on it
standard Coker inner tube that has never needed patching
airfoil rim - one of the good ones not from the batch when they came out slightly smaller
the nicer 14 guage stainless steel spokes - I think they’re pretty much standard now
the standard superwide square taper hub
cranks: I have 152, 140, or 125 mm cranks I can sell with it. Pick one size. The 152 and 140 are aluminum alloy and the 125 is steel. Note that it’s pictured with 110 mm cranks, but I don’t have them anymore.
blue Primo metal pinned pedals - one of the pins on the inside of the left pedal is snapped off, otherwise they’re functionally perfect

It’s in great condition and ready to ride. I’m only selling because I got a KH36. I’m asking $530 shipped to USA or $570 shipped to Canada. Please let me know if you’re interested or have any questions.

A new N36 is ~$570 + shipping. My price includes shipping. I think my asking price is at least $100 less than a new one shipped from UDC. If you don’t like my asking price, make an offer via PM and I’ll consider.

Up for grabs on ebay:

I don’t think I set a reserve. Do you see a reserve price?

I mean, usually it says something like “reserve not met” if there is a reserve price. Otherwise it just shows the starting/current bid.

On it.

Nice job, eBay! You got what you were asking here, plus a little change. The marketplace always knows …

I’ll be sure to ask your advice on pricing next time I have something to sell, Kevin!

Yeah, I was beginning to wonder if I needed to lower my asking price. I guess not. :slight_smile:

Yeah when I saw this thread I was going to buy it for the 530 shipped. Scrolled down to see it was on ebay. 530 shipped was spot on.