Blue Nimbus 29 Touring w/ T-bar, Magura, KH 110/125mm, KH freeride. Oury Grips

Here is for sale my:
Blue Nimbus 29 Touring
KH T-bar
Gold Magura Brakes
KH 110/125mm
KH freeride
Blue Oury Grips

Everything is in fantastic riding condition. I estimate about 200 miles tops on the unicycle. Purchased earlier this year.

Note. Everything about the brake are in good condition except the gold magura lever. I didnt know how to position in the beginning so i positioned it to far in the front and it got bent and half of the lever broke off. This “mini” lever is still 100% functional. will post pictures later if needed.

All the parts were new when purchased and I put almost 650 dollars into this baby. I am asking for 400+shipping from Southern California 91010. Local Pickup Preferred!

I am selling so I can get me a 36 :smiley:

I’ve seen this unit in action… very nice uni Davey!!

Just so you know, I am looking to trade my 137/165 KH Moments for 110/125’s, so if you find somebody who wants to use your uni as a Muni they might be interested in taking my cranks over yours (and I would get the shorter cranks)… just sayin!

Feel free to offer it as an option "either 110/125 cranks or 137/165.

bump bump.
137/165 KH Moments or 110/125 KH Moments option available.

I also have a KH 20 Trials (not even one year old) that im looking to sell as well soon. shoot me if your interested in that too

Yes, you do really need this unicycle ^^

by the way, for the sake of a shipping cost of 80 dollars, i want to sell this locally.


Would you be willing to part this out?

Hey Scott.
I went to 3 different shipping places and they were charging me 80 dollars so I dont think that would be good for either us to be honest. What do you think?

I was wondering what shipping would be to 97203 (portland)
I am about to order a nimbus nomad 29er and I just found yours

hey. i tried shipping out to a previous would-be buyer but the shipping ended up costing like 85 dollars so i dont know if its a good deal for either of us. i went to 3 places but i can try another place but i dont know if it will be much cheaper.