Blue Lips - Eli Brill

Enjoy, and leave a comment if you’d like to.

-Eli Brill

Doooood!!! Your skills are incredible!

How many falls did you really have making this video though :stuck_out_tongue:

Forget i said that, this video is just sickness all over!

And beautiful background scenery to boot!

Can’t wait to see more from you :sunglasses:

Does blind mean anything to you anymore? The only normal trick I could see was the 360 unispin in that combo near the end. So crazy dude, I can’t wait to ride with you again at NAUCC :slight_smile:

Great work, great talent. Very entertaining.

Thanks everyone for the great comments :slight_smile: I’m not sure about blind spinning anymore really :stuck_out_tongue: But the 900 in the middle-ish was ‘normal.’ xD

Thanks again :smiley:

That was brilliant)))))))
The time you have put into your uni skills sure is paying off. My jaw dropped in a few places.
Really good filming and edits as well.

Unbelievable! Such creative and huge tricks! Every trick in this video was amazing, and a lot of them I had never seen before. I also really liked the filming and editing.

Am I the only one that found this video a bit ironic? :wink: The song speaks about how blue is the most “human” color, yet you are sponsored by Unhuman.

Astounding video by the way. Your riding ALWAYS makes me want to go out and ride. Infact, right after I was done watchin this, I went outside and landed my first hugespin, although I can barely 5spin. :slight_smile:

so epic. did u break your kh frame eli or did u just wanna switch it up a bit?

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

I didn’t break my KH frame, but the Green Spirit has a slightly shorter neck and I really wanted to lower my seat. So I put the Green Spirit on essentially to flip faster :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh sweet. can you quint flip with your kh frame too?

I couldn’t when I was trying last month. The low seat really helps, because I don’t have the longest legs :stuck_out_tongue:

insanity…your a beast Eli. my mind is blown. congrats

I’ve watched this video eight times before I could give a comment.:stuck_out_tongue:
You’re just incredible! I don’t have any more words for you, but man, this video will be watched by so many people!

Only word I have is I can’t wait til the video is available on a viewable player.

My one word is “Nifty!”

Loving the vid, the music was tidy and the riding was shit hot!

Well done, keep doing it.

Oh, can you guys keep your shirts on, you all make me look even worse than bad with my belly and moobs… :wink:

Aaand here’s YouTube. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

:astonished: how do you land back on the pedals fantastic

lol thats a nice way to get comments :stuck_out_tongue: everybody must like it… so everybody should also comment here xD

sick vid!! awesome music and editing!
and the riding. oeff… insane!!
quintflip on flat Ö?

Dude! That was totally wicked!