Blue 24 inch tire?

Does anyone know if it is possible to acquire new blue 24 inch tire? Recently I purchased a used 24 inch Miyata, and the old blue tire looks really slick, but has dry rot and I am sure it will die soon. I called, Performance Bike, Dan’s Comp and my local bike shop, and none of them have it or can order it. I can just get and use a black one, but the blue really looks so slick with the blue rim and blue seat. Any leads would be fantastic.

Thank you,

Sweetskinz? Dont know if you like any of these

An alternative color that would look awesome would be a pink tire.


I love them, they are just out of stock of 24 inch, and say they MAY restock SOMETIME… But I want it NOW DADDY. Cool, well, that is a great start if / when they restock.