Blubberhouses ride to Barton in the Beans (UK) 27th Feb

Just a quick message to say what the final plans are for the rides to Barton in the Beans on Sunday 27th Feb.

In case anyone doesn’t know, this is a ride to a place called Barton in the Beans and then back, mainly because of the stupid name, via several other places with silly names and a pub with a silly name. It’ll be quite a long ride (30 or so miles round trip from Nuneaton, about 60 from Nottingham), so 29ers and cokers only.

The meeting points

  1. Beeston nr. Nottingham (my house)


We’ll aim to meet here at 8.30am.

My mobile is (07905) 696427 if you’re going to be late or whatever.

  1. Nuneaton,295000&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf

zoom in to see the proper map.

There is a layby on the left of the northbound A444 north of
Nuneaton, just past the ex-railway embankment. The ex-railway is a
bit muddy but ridable (except if, like me, you have no tread left on
your Coker tyre); this would avoid riding the busy A444 and there is
a tunnel beneath the A5.

Chris Dobbie + some others are meeting here at 8.30am

We’ll all meet up at Newton Burgoland at 11.30.

then ride to Sheepy Magna and Sheepy Parva

then for lunch we’ll go to the Cock Inn in Sibson

this will be followed by the Grand Finale of stupid names

Barton in the Beans

after which we’ll head homewards.


ps. in case anyone hasn’t worked out what Blubberhouses is, see my blubberhouses photo album under here

ps. anyone turning up late and can’t find us or something, my mobile number is 07905 696427.


Re: Blubberhouses ride to Barton in the Beans (UK) 27th Feb

Note: The Nuneaton contingent are planning to ride about 30 miles before we meet up with the Nottingham group. Of course, we have the option of a short ride back after lunch but it’s still likely to be about 50 miles total.


Re: Re: Blubberhouses ride to Barton in the Beans (UK) 27th Feb

ooops, my bad.

Can’t wait till Sunday!