Blu - Diablo Training

I just found this.

It’s kind of long (4:51), but it’s really well made IMO.

I liked the “superhero” transformation, and it was fun watching him struggle, seeing his frustration, and then conquering. Knowing I’ve faced similar frustrations in other areas.

i have a FRIEND WHO IS ABOUT THAT GOOD, IF NOT BETTER AT SOME THINGS. srry caps lock:p . i mess around w/ diabolo bu im not very good at all:o

I don’t get how the string doesn’t get all tangled up and wrapped around him.

haha ive been doing diabolo a lot latly…it’s so sick

Me and a friend of mine are pretty addicted to diaboloing, it’s awesome.

Out of that video I can do most of those things like genocides, whip catches, duocides, infinite suicides but he was really good at over the arm and finger grinds…

This vid is my personal fave though…
^^Pranay is the best diaboloist evahr, period.^^