Blow Out Unicycle Sale In UTAH!!


This is a mega sale because i’m sick of having all these unicycle parts that I never use!

You pay shipping and PM me if your intersted.

All prices are in USD.

Even if you call dibs first you might not get it if you can’t buy it right now… sorry.

What you see is what you get.

Okay here they are!

Sorry my camera sucks!!!

Also I couldn’t show all images so some are in links. Because I had to many on the thread.


Qu-ax Trials Wheelset: 180$

Excellent Condition!

-48 Spoke Nimbus Rim
-Snafu Metal Pedals
-Great Trials Wheelset!
-One Pedal is more worn that the other but still has great grip
-One bald spot on tire


Verrrry Bad KH Wheelset: 30$

-The only reason i’m charging that is because the hub is still good.
-Missing 10 or 11 spokes
-White Try-All Tire signed by the famous and great Pat Lally and Eli Brill and NAUCC 09! :smiley:
-You can do whatever you want with this.
-Comes with Bolts and spacers for hub.


You couldn’t really see Eli’s in the picture i took so i’ll just show Pats.

Bedford Freestyle Steel Base Seat: 18$
-Perfect Condition
-Never Been Used


Very not well done custom KH Air saddle- 25$
-Needs some work done on tube adjustment and keeping the cover on.
-Other than that it is very comfy.


Primo Gold Metal Pedals: 10$
-Great Condition!


Nimbus BC Wheel: 80$
-Very Good Condition
-Comes with grip tape.
-Barely Used


Finally Done!!

PM Me if interested!


Do you know if the a nimbus trials frame would fit on the qu-ax wheelset?

There is no reason why it shouldn’t

Sent a PM re: KH wheel

PM Sent…


If you are going to bump the thread you might also want to respond to PMs…

Offer for the KH wheel still stands. I might also be interested in the pedals.

Hey sorry my bad!

Sorry everyone I forgot to update.

Whats left is:

Quax Wheelset$160

BC Wheel-$60 USD

Bedford Seat

So I take it someone else is getting the wheel.

Like I implied before, responding to an offer is generally good manners, even if you are just telling them it sold to someone else. A “sorry, sold it” frees up the $60 I set aside when I first made the offer for the wheel.

Eric i am very sorry. I hardly ever actullay log into my account so I never see the messages. :frowning: :o I’m very sorry. :o

If you’re still selling this stuff, I’d be interested in the Qu-ax wheelset. How long are the cranks?

Yes it’s available, the cranks are 145mm.

PM Me.


do you still have the bc wheel?

how much for the bedford saddle, in GBP? with postage to the UK?

is the bedford saddle base still available?

Sorry for the delay response.

The only thing left is the Qu-ax wheel-set.

Which if someone wanted that I would be willing to give them a very good price.


-Kevin Kartchner

I might be interested depending on the “good price”…


Pm sent on wheelset

Did you sell the pedals yet?

I’ll take them now if available.

Check ground shipping to 11217 Brooklyn, NY.

Everything is sold.

Sorry for the delayed response i never look in the Trading Post or hardly ever log in.

Everything is sold.

Sorry for the delayed response i never look in the Trading Post or hardly ever log in.