Bloody Unicyclist

Seven months with my wonderful KH24 wheelset and my ankles had never once hit the famous crank arm “nubs”. Until yesterday. I rode my uni to the gym in the early morning, 6.67 miles. The last 1 1/2 miles in on a sidewalk, but on the opposite side of the road as the gym. Because of very heavy traffic on the 5 lane highway, I had to make a break for it across the road. I did a jump mount when a saw a little gap in traffic and went shooting across the lanes at the speed of, well, at the speed of a unicycle with 3000 lbs of metal flying toward you at 45 mph.

Because of the need to instantly be at top speed as my feet hit the pedals, I didn’t take that extra moment to position my feet in that “perfect spot.”

And did I pay. Just as the uni and I cleared road, my left inside ankle hit THE NUB! OUCH!!! Mental note: Metal to ankle bone causes pain! I didn’t lose my balance, or even stop to check it out, but once in the gym, I happened to look down and see a bloody spot on my sock.

A positive point to the injury. The wound produced several Ohh’s and Ahhh’s from my daughters last night. I would just as soon wait at least 7 more months before my next “Ankle contact.”

Sign me, a bloody --chirokid–

Ankle Biter’s :smiley:

Get 'em.

I refuse to wear those silly looking things, that is, until I see Betty Bedford in a pair. :smiley: --chirokid–

Man I hate it when that happens. I think it happens to me more with 150’s than the 170’s.

So how long do you think it will take to heal? Will this impede your training? I would hate for this to be an excuse in April.:stuck_out_tongue:

I may have to look into getting some. I’ve got a couple nub wounds from jump-mounting my KH20.

So this happens often to you? Good :wink: Guess I will find out about the 150’s in a week or so.

Only in your dreams, Bugman. In the voice of California’s Governor, “Nothing, I say nothing, will stand in the way of my Memphis Bug Irradication Plan. Do you hear me, I said Nothing!!!” --chirokid–

I having a summit have basicly the same cranks and the same nubs. When I first got it I learned quicky to watch out for that. I havent hit them in a long time but I dont do any jump mounts yet so I’ll have to watch out for that.

My Summit should arrive within the week. Once again, watching for the Big Brown Truck.

And more bloody socks? :frowning: --chirokid–

The Ankle Biter’s work well. They turn any low top show into an ankle protecting armored unicycling shoe.

However, the Ankle Biter’s are not stylish enough for the Bloody Chiro Kid. The Kid likes to start his rides at the local Hooters where he socializes with the ladies and eats a plate of hot wings before the big rides. He needs his riding gear to look stylish.

The 661 Dually shoes are not good enough for The Kid either. He’s got his eyes on the Richie Schley signature freeride shoe by Lake. They look good and they have a nice bit of built in ankle bone protection. It’s all about looking good for the ladies.

John, you’ve got me pegged, at least 50%. A local grill starts cooking my wings when they see me walk in the door…, but, you got me all wrong with the Hooters girls. I have all the woman I ever need in my bed beside me every night. Besides, if she ever found me enjoying “Hooters” wings, blood would gush from more than my ankles! :smiley:

For style and protection, I am considering Duct Tape, in fashionable yellow. --chirokid–

because dead Tourists dont spend money.

Oh those ankles

As a teenager, I rode Schwinns, both 20" and 24". There were MANY ankle injuries back then because the cranks were ‘sharp’ on the sides, so if your foot slipped on the notoriously slippery pedals, you risked a nice slice off your ankle. I still have a buttload of tiny scars on my ankles from those cranks. It seemed to happen more often on the 20" Schwinn. Eventually I got better at riding a bit knock-kneed, and finally I got a Semcycle and some better pedals, and since then I’ve had no problems.

Re: Oh those ankles

Amen brother. I consider a bloody sock (ankle) one of those badges of honor from unicycling. I could have done without the honor, but I got mine just the same…

Re: Oh those ankles

I grew up on a 20" Sears Catalog Unicycle and then a 24" Schwinn. I can not remember any ankle injuries in those days from the crank arm.

However, I really remember those hard and slippery pedals. Those hard Sears pedals cut to the blood on my Dad’s shins on Christmas morning.

Ah, the memories. --chirokid–

I’ve been riding KH cranks with the nubs for months now.

Yesterday I got my first nub/ankle bites. Why? Because yesterday, for the first time, I did trials with non-high top shoes.

I don’t even think about the looking good issue. If it keeps me from getting bloody ankles, I’m happy with it. The cheaper the better.

I like your duct tape suggestion chirokid.

I was just a joke Todd. But, it would probably work. Plus, it would brace up the ankles, a worry being discussed in another active post right now. --chirokid–