Bloody hard saddle!

Hello people! Hi Unicycle fans!

This topic has probably been discussed a thousand times and will bore most
of you. My question would most likely get answered in the next few weeks
anyway but I am just too curious and can’t seem to find a sufficient answer
on the net. So I decided to ask the question again.

I own a pretty old unicycle (probably 10 years old) and have no clue which
brand it is. I can’t even remember where I got it from (I think is was from
somewhere in Germany, maybe Hamburg). Everything is fine with the bike
except the saddle! It is really BLOODY HARD! After about 30min of riding my
a** and **** (you know) hurt and it has a very sharp underside edge that
destroys every pants after a few months! So I would like to purchase a nice,
new, soft saddle. My problem now is that I have no clue which one I should
get! I live in Sydney, Australia and there is just no Unicycle shop around
that I could go to and try a few. So I have to rely on pictures on the net
and find it extremely difficult to decide what saddle the best, or lets say
the softest, would be. Then I read something about saddles with air
modifications done to them which got me thinking and totally confused too.

So is there anyone who can give me some advice, tips, hints, good and bad
experiences or maybe a link to a good webpage??

Thanks alot in advance, your help is much appreciated

PS: Sorry for my english, it is a bit bumpy since its not my native tongue

this topic keeps popping up repeatedly which either tells us something about the quality of our behinds or about the lousy quality of many of the bricks with the misnomer “unicycle seats”.
I am very happy that I upgraded from a Viscount saddle (which by the way is still considered one the better ones) to carbon fiber base/Gemcrest leather cover/airset with Miyata bumpers. I obtained the c/f base/cover from

and the bumpers from
and the inner tube from a store in town.
Here are some “how to” websites:


Feel free to contact me in German if you need further advice. This topic has been pretty much beaten to death on rsu, we better continue in private.
Have fun on one wheel without a sore bottom end,

There is a rumor that Herr Siegmon
is unable to provide Miyata bumpers at the moment. I will check with him on Tuesday and let all of you know.

Seat bumpers…

My problem: I need miyata seat bumpers.

Does anyone know where to get them, without buying the whole saddle?

update: Siegmono & Miyata bumpers

Herr Siegmon (
) just told me that he is currently out of Miyata seat bumpers. They should come in with his next shipment from Miyata.

Have fun,

Seat bumpers…finally!!

After a lot of searching and asking, I was able to get Miyata Seat bumpers at Siegmono ! Hope to finish a great carbon fibre seat now!

Moritz Hahn

Hello Hans
I live in Bowral-only 1.5 hrs drive from Sydney and have a range of saddles from standard crotch killers to air seat conversions and modified Viscounts. I travel to Sydney regularly or you might like to come up here and try them all out at once

Thank you, I hope to visit you some time, but I am afraid I do not come to Sydney so often. From Germany, It is hard to travel to sydney only to check saddles

Gabe –

What kinds of modifications have you done to Viscounts? I’m interested in doing that.


The only modification I can remember to Viscounts is the Reeder-Handle. There are some people who wanted to built an air-seat out of a Viscount, but I think this did not work cause of the glue between the base and the leather.

Modified Viscount Saddle
I used closed cell foam mat as used for camping. Make a template of the top of the saddle and transfer this to the foam. Cut it out
and then cut a strip out lengthwise from the middle of this. Glue to saddle. Cut another piece of foam slightly larger than template and glue on top of first piece. This modification adds a bit more padding and relieves pressure down the middle. Whilst not as good as an air seat it’s far more comfortable than standard.

Miyata bumpers

Siegmono seems to be the only place where you can get Miyata bumpers (just the bumpers without the remainder of the seat) (?). I checked with MYS Corporation - they are unable to obtain bumpers from Miyata. Why does Miyata appear so difficult to deal with?
Has anyone made look-alike bumpers? That would open up the road for all sorts of modifications (material, color, handle size, etc.)?

Have fun,