Bloody Ankels

They Suck

SixSixOne Ankle Biters

those break

Actually breaking the 661 Ankle Biters would take some work. But if you’re constantly bashing your ankle on the old KH cranks I can see how they could get cut up.

Or you could try the 661 Dually shoes. They’re a bit expensive though for a shoe.

Fox Racing also makes an ankle guard. It has a hard plastic cap over the ankle which would offer more impact protection than the 661 Ankle Biters. But they’re also more bulky which could make them more likely to get hung up on the cranks. This design is new. Fox Racing used to make a different ankle guard that was more similar to the 661 Ankle Biter. These new pads have a hard plastic shell over the ankle and are different.

Link to Jenson USA: Jenson USA - Fox Ankle Guards

And a pic taken from the Fox Racing web site store:


I see you haven’t bought any trendy or skateboarding shoes in a while. Most of them run in the $70-$150 range…

I generally get Vans and they’re generally under $50. I also look for them on sale and then get a couple pairs.

I let the young hip kids buy the $150+ shoes.

The Dually is actually closer to $100 when you factor in the cost of an insole stiffener (the Dually is too soft without an insole support with a plastic arch support).
Course my Vans are $55-$70 when you factor in the cost of the 661 Ankle Biters.

I believe it’s ‘ankles’ not ‘ankels’

While we’re being Nazis, sentences usually end with periods. :smiley:

As a mistake that was… Nazis never corrected setences. haha. Promo should relax and back to the real subject… Any ankle protetion i’ve bought has broken. I’m not willing to buy anything too expensive. This thread was mainly started for laughs. Yo has anyone seen the defect vid in ohio yet?

I got the same problem, nothing really works I just try to get my ankels away from the kh cranks, that’s it.

Promo should relax and >get< back to the real subject…

Actually Promo, still wrong. You’re not getting back to the real subject. I’m stating that I am going back to the real subject. I don’t really care if you do. haha. I did forget the comma, but i figure now, you should have been able to understand that much.

I had the same problem with my ankles, I now use TSG shinguards with ankle pads, theyre excellent. Unless your crank slips under the pad thingy (which only happens when youre not wearing em right) and hits you anyway… Finding a link now… seccy

wrap your ankles in bubble wrap :smiley:

promo- im liking the avatar :slight_smile:

How am I still wrong? I wasn’t wrong either times. The first time I was right and the second time could be taken both ways.


It wouldnt surprise me if Promo don´t even know how to unicycle. I think he´s just playing spelling police on random forums.:wink:

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I’m actually in defect

Those ankle guards look nice, thanks for the link. My ankles keep getting torn into by the KH nubs, and they never get a chance to heal.

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