Blood, Sweat and Tears

wow i havnt been on this forum for a while now. anyway…

I put a lot of my heart into this video. A lot of blood and sweat. But in the end, only tears came out.

After some changes, this video is now here for your viewing pleasure. Im not really after any opinions or suggestions, its just here to b appreciated if u can. Enjoy.

love this vid.

hey man
it’s was really great to watch
really love the feeling of the video
great riding/filming/editing
really like the 360 on the 7 set

keep the good work up



version 1 was better :frowning:

true, but it’s still an awesome video for me :wink:

Wow. Great video, man.

My favorite was the 180 out of the handrail. So flowy.


your best vid till now ,the song fits so awesome .
i liked that you did the flip up the 4

Niceness allover!!!
From beginning till the end innovation.
Inspiration (even for my age, I’ve seen alot!)


Nice one man. That was fun to watch.

sweet video dude, the 360 down the set was awesome!
Your grinds are super smooth to

Loved it, especially that weird line on the table with the grind! :smiley:

Nice “cinematic” feel to it! Did you film it in HD? I only see standard def, but no HD option.

I could feel your emotion in the vid, it was really powerful.

That was an amazing video. Your creativeness made it a pleasure to view. Good work!

Sick video!!! I really liked all of the grinds and the crankflip up the 4 stair was sweet. I really liked the editing, creative. Great job man;)

grouse video man :slight_smile:

your rolling hops and hop twists just keep getting better…we’ll both have to go for 180 and crank flip up 5 now :slight_smile:

Sweet vid bro, really nice to watch :slight_smile:

u mean the backslide? lol

nah its only standard def. i cant afford a HD camera atm unfortunately.

thanks man. im glad u could feel it

ur on! even tho i only just did my first 5 set hop a couple of months ago lol. gotta push myself harder!!