Blizzard frame or normal frame?

ok i was wantin ta know if da blizzard frame is a better Muni frame than the normal frames the got out there.They look funky and alot of good riders i see have dis kind of frame for Muni riding whats so good about it? Is it stronger like dat? :thinking:

i you sure you dont mean Hunter frames instead of Blizzard frames? there a very few Blizzard frames over here in the USA. i only know of two of them but Hunters are everywhere.

your location isnt in your profile so maybe you live accross the Atlantic and do mean Blizzard frames but if your talking about the USA there just are not that many that made it over here.

I’ve got a 24" Blizzard muni frame with Magura mounts. It’s very similar to Rick Hunter’s design, but after shipping and duties from UK to US, there’s not much of a price difference.
Both frame designs are strong, and I just prefer the narrowness of the dual tube designs generally.

I havnt even heard of these

Re: Blizzard frame or normal frame?

brockfisher05 wrote:
> I havnt even heard of these
as mich time as you spend posting instead of reading, who is really
surprised by that?

Then why did you bother posting? Try thinking before you press “submit reply.”

The blizzard frames are definitely good frames, although as Jag said, they are rather rare in the US. One thing to think about is that those braching tubes could get in the way during foot on crown tricks, especially standup ww. The hunter frames are excellent, but I’ve still heard complaints about their crown-grippy-ness.

Yuni frames are light, strong, and cheap, so they are more than worth consideration. KH 04 or 05 frames are good, although the 05 remains relatively untested. If you are breaking seatposts, you should eliminate the Yuni and Nimbus frames, since they have small seattubes.

When it all comes down to it, you can’t really go wrong, as any frame on the market that will fit a 3" tire will be adaquate.

One nit I have to pick with the blizzard/hunter frame thing is that I really haven’t seen that many amazing riders on Hunters (not to say they don’t exist). The North American crowd seems to use mostly KH 03/04 frames and Yuni. For example, random statistical sample (well, not really):
Ben PS: KH pro
Joey C: Yuni 26 w/brake bosses
Ryan A: KH 04 frame
Jeff G: Bedford w/ bosses
Me: Yuni 24"
Zack B: KH 04
Mike M: Hunter w/o bosses
Jess R: KH 04

With the exception of Mike M, each of them rode the double black diamonds at CMW04, so you can infer that each were plenty decent. And among them, you will only see one hunter rider.

ok tanks fer da replyz
by da waaa i live in michigan and dats in da US but i was jus wunderin bout dees frames:)

i think alot of that has to do with price. $350 is alot more than a Yuni frame and over a hundred more than a KH frame, both of which ooze out of Taiwan factories by the hundreds. the Hunters are made in the USA.

another reason is the round crown, most want a flat crown for foot tricks. anyone who complains about a hunter not being good for foot trix needs to know its not built for that stuff and complaining isnt really justified.

The UK branch of has the Blizzard frame.

Anyone know if Joe Rowing has a current web page? He used to be at but not any longer.

thanks john atleast you werent a jerk and just helped me out unlike some people…

no ones being a jerk, especialy not the SEARCH feature of the site.

Um, well, it’s kind of hard to command respect if your avatar summons the mental image of a two year old throwing a temper tantrum.