Blinging out my new Triton

I think I finally found some nice additions to my new 36er.

I’ve been looking for a secure way to attach two water bottle cages to the KH T-bar or seatpost and I believe this is the answer. While searching the internet, I stumbled across the Velocity SPT Bottle Cage Holder. The picture on Ebay doesn’t do it justice. It looks almost plastic in the picture, but it is actually aluminum. Ebay image. It is incredibly sturdy and holds two large water bottles. I decided to mount it on the KH T-bar. I was surprised that my knees don’t hit the holder.

After seeing the mirror that Terry attached to his 36er, I knew I wanted to give one a try. I find it fairly difficult to get a good look behind me while in traffic without a mirror. This one is made for motorcycles but it fits perfectly on my carbon fiber aero bars. I found this one on Amazon. Unfortunately, this mirror ships from China and takes a couple of weeks to arrive. The downsides are the weight and the possibility of it breaking during a UPD. I won’t be surprised if it breaks when I fall the first time, but we’ll see. I’m still looking for a lighter version and one that will fold when I do fall hard. As you can see in this picture, I also added a

Because I ride on sidewalks sometimes, I need a way to get people that wear earphones to hear me and move out of the way. I’ve been using this horn for years on my V2 and decided to add one to the new uni. It is super loud and is easily recharged by pumping it up with air.

I found these AEST with titanium spindles on Ebay. The good: They are only 170 grams. They are inexpensive. The bad: They’re kind of small at 80mm x 80mm x 17mm. I was worried that they might get bent up, so I added some bumpers that I purchased from UDC several years ago. I don’t think they are made anymore. Too bad, I really like these pedal protectors.

Wow, all that gear! Does Piccard know you stole his Enterprise? :smiley:

I suppose it depends on what it’s like in your area, but id be most worried about vandalism when it’s out of my sight.

Good work man!

Nice set up but that wouldn’t work for me. I crash. Now I’m thinking of a way to mount a brake lever under the back of the seat if I should ever get one. Might look a little funny using it.