Blind? How do I tell?


I just came up with this little thought about how blind goes. Now I said before that which ever way it harder for you is blind. That still kind of holds, but it has it’s exceptions (like everything else in the physical world).

The blind name calling should goes as follows.

Twist/Spin/Fakie (only some people)
Twist/Spin (only some people)
Spin — (Seat out) (Seat in depends on hand usage)
Twist — (Seat out) (Seat in depends on hand usage)
(Confused yet)

Let me explain. When pedaling fakie, if you do your normal twist and unispin but since you flipped the cranks it’s your blind twist it won’t be called blind since “Twist (normal)/Spin (normal)/ and Fakie” trumps the flip. So it’s regular. While flips trumps Spins (doesn’t really matter so much here, most people will stick to their comfortable unispin anyways) But if you spin one way, and it’s easier with the flip unispinning the other way, since flips trump spins it’s not called blind. Spins trump Twists. I big spin and huge spin my blind twisting direction but it’s not blind since I’m unispinning the right way. However going seat in all depends on your hand position. Twists trump pedalling position. My fakie 360 is blind, since it’s my blind twist. I can fakie 3 both ways, just I found going to the open direction, it’s easier.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. This thread is a bit of a joking thread. Since really no one will really understand it. I know what i’m talking about, but I can’t really portray what’s in my mind on paper (typing). That’s why i’m a bad writer in english class. And i’m basically going off of how I, Xavier, Dan, and Keaton do our stuff. But everyone will be different. So there is probably more than a dozen errors with a lot of you. lol

I concur…


I understand completely. :stuck_out_tongue: :thinking:

Just 'sec, aside from like, the back it up game and stuff like that, why does blind matter? It might be fun to learn sometimes, but, I don’t think blind tricks are that big of a deal…

I can fakie 360 in 3 different directions…

well we could expand on the words we use?

what about switch…?

When I ride I hop rolling hop 180twist 360twist all with my right foot forward. But When i unispin or crankflip i have my left foot forward. kinda like switch.

but since it is comfy to me it is not switch right? Blind should have nothing to do with flips. its iether fakie or switch right?

i would like to see the nameing have something to do with foot positions. as it would be the comin link to all trick…foward foot.

So lets say i do a a 360 twist to the left, that is my natural way. My right foot is forward so I (from snowabording) would call it a backside twist. there is less time till i am backwarrds. If i spun to the right it would be frontside.

not sure if anyone likes that. may make it more complex.
Sking has natural and un natural, but it is more a comfort thing. for uni is is somewhat a comfort thing but is is very much technical.

between regular and switch and natural and blind and frontside and backside… id say it be nice to figure something out so there are no more threads about verial this small spin that

how is blind different from switch and fakie? wouldnt blind contradict those?


p.s. you should be careful with what you say “So there is probably more than a dozen errors with a lot of you”. Im not offended but i know someone will be…

you know you’re blind when you can’t see anything…

fakie is backwards, switch is un-natural foot forward, blind is un natural spining direction

blind=backside, what the hell.

wouldnt riding backward be blind then, since you cant see?

no, you can look behind you. riding bakward is fakie.

wait, does blind, mean the way that you are not best at doing, or not being able to see?

“Blind? How do I tell?”

You can usually tell that you are blind by not being able to see things. If you are blind I’m surprised you’ve gotten this far Shaun!

I never said blind=backside.

I only posted the idea of

RIGHT foot forward twist to the RIGHT = frontside
RIGHT foot forward twist to the LEFT = backside
LEFT foot forward twist to the LEFT = frontside
LEFT foot forward twist to the RIGHTt = backside

Which hypothetically could transfrer to unispins. If foot positions and direction of spinny uni was the factor in what is blind.
its different than being comfy or natural an all that, it would set what is and is not on the foot position of the rider…

this is all just my opinion and dont expect anyone to really care much

I think we should eliminate the term “blind.” All it does is tell people that a particular trick is harder for you than someone who spins the opposite way. But who cares?! It’s the same trick!

ps- please correct me if you think I have the wrong idea of what “blind” actually means, or what it does.

Not really, some people learn tricks in both directions and blind is the term to show which one is the uncomfortable way.

i think there is too much effort being put into trying to use sakte terms here… honestly i think we should come up with some more unicycle oriented terms that can apply. you can’t copy the words from skaters as they can’t really apply to unicycling as they are two diffrent sports.
p.s might be an idea to just make it a non dominate spin and such… just make it something that makes sense… like blind being anything done riding backwards makes sense. just my oppinion though

I vote that we all get good at spinning in either direction so that blind will never have to be used.

I totally agree with this… I hate blind tricks, I think that they are useless tricks.

It only makes tricks a little bit more sketchy.

I sort of agree with this hole blind thing and i think its only appreciateably? if shown normal then blind because then its like extra credibility and is actually a separate trick. just adding my opinion i think it will be necessary to include blind in the future, its natural evolution of tricks and runs to do things blind switch and fakie