Blind Bike Trials

Just thought that this was really really cool.


Very cool. He must have had some painful bails though.

I would totally keep on street riding if I was blind…

Pretty amazing. I would think uniing would be easier than biking if you were blind. It’s simpler, and more easiliy controlled.

I would like to see a bail reel…

Considering how incredibly hard it is to balance without seeing, you would probably have trouble riding again for the first few weeks, and would have to build up your consistancy again with all the things you could do.

There have been blind unicyclists. I think the biggest thing would be trusting that there aren’t things in your way.

i agree. its just like anything you do, youd have to get used to it. i have a broken wrist and ive had to learn how to hop again with my opposite and unatural hand. im almost just as good now… at 75 cm

this inspired me to go a day blindfolded and do some unicycling… I’ve got most of my routes to riding spots mapped out in my head and most lines mapped out too… I’m gonna go all day tomorrow blindfolded anyone want to do it with me? I’ll make a video.

WOW i saw this the day before this was posted.Ive seen so many videos that have been a day before being posted on here and i wasnt subscribed to them

Maybe not, he said he feels the edge of the obstacle with his front wheel.

funny. I just tried riding with my eyes closed the other day and was wondering what’s the longest people have ridding blind/eye closed.

It was easy to ride down the road but got scary after 'bout 5 seconds… I had a harder time idling but was getting the hang of it.

wow amazing !! :astonished:

It’s actually not hard for an experienced unicyclist to ride blind, at least as far as balance is concerned. I’ve done it even off-road. It does get scary pretty quickly when you get beyond the range that you’ve physically mapped in your brain.

It would be interesting to consider riding a unicycle with a white cane, or an assistive dog. It probably would be more possible than riding a bike in the same situation, because your hands are free.

that vid is so much inspiration!!
i’ll keep on riding, even if i goes blind. but i don’t think i would dare to try anything in the same difficulty as him

That would be hilarious. I think the seeing eye dog would work well. Good suggestion for Ducttape.
Start on a 20’’ wheel and not a geared coker.

I wont be blind long enough for a seeing eye dog. haha I have a stick to walk with though

Total role model.

Considering how much balance is based on vision, his inner ear must be very finely tuned to be able to do that… now just imagine how great he’d be if his sight came back!

it’s not that hard to unicycle blind. trials on the other hand and street are both pretty much out of the question.