blew my danged tire


Before it started to snow in the late afternoon yesterday, i was out riding and i did a kinda big drop with good form and everything, but i think that due to the colder weather the air pressure in my tire was lower than normal and when i landed my tire folded and i kinda hurt my ankle. So i began to ride home and i noticed that my tire was flat.

Now there is a foot and a half of snow on the roads and i cant get to the LBS to buy a new tube.

Similar thing happened to me on Boxing Day. I put together my new 24" and set out on a short ride, planning to be back just before it got dark. I was at the furthest point on my ride - about 4-5 miles around my usual loop - when I ground to a halt with a flat tyre. I had been riding through thick mud in the middle of some woods and my tyre pressure was fairly high, so I’m not sure how it happened. Anyway, I was then forced to push my uni home in the dark through cold muddy woods in the rain. I guess next time I’ll take a spare inner with me.

Just walk through the snow! :wink: