Blew first date by bringing uni

I heard a radio broadcast on WPLJ this morning about a guy who showed up for bicycle date with a uni. She wasn’t impressed. As a matter of fact she complained about having to walk her bicycle because the guy on the uni didn’t keep up with her. To be fair to the woman, she probably would have handled it better if she knew about the uni before the date. A date is about two people sharing time together. I guess that didn’t happen. I don’t think I would show up with the uni until the date got to know me better. There is definetly some prejudice by some people who see others unicycling. I love it, but admit it’s a qwerky sport.The radio announcers even made fun of the guy. I felt pretty bad for him after hearing the broadcast.

My answer:

How big was his wheel?

Love it!

Seriously, if you’re going to show up for a date with a bike-riding girl, you better be riding a 36’r, and preferably one with a Schlumpf.

That’s a very relevant question.

There are however many ways to blow your first date, lengthy conversations about minecraft or discussing the finer points of the linux operation system would also do the trick. He will learn eventually :slight_smile:

I reckon she wasn’t in the running, he found out early and didn’t waste time pretending to be “normal”. Has he been fielding calls from the other kind of girl?

Who knows? That wasn’t mentioned in the broadcast.

Who said size doesn’t matter?

self-confidence and security

If he was riding a 20" trials uni I can sort of see the point, as there’s no way you can keep up with a bicycle (especially if she was expecting to get in a good work out). But if he was riding a 29 or 36 then the girl was just not the right one, which is the result of most dates anyway, better to find out early.

Probably because he can’t ride a unicycle. If you have the self-confidence and security to ride a unicycle (especially on a first date), then I don’t think the guy would be hurt in the least, so no need to fell sorry after a stupid comment from a non-rider. Pretty much any unicyclist should be used to ignoring stupid comments anyway.

A combination of a unicycle and someone on inline skates works better in my experience. Not on a first date, but in general. They are more used to have a wide personal space while riding. Most bicyclist who like chatting while riding feel uncomfortable when riding next to a unicycle that has a wheel that is smaller than a 29 inch due to the rapid motions of the riders legs.

Maybe this man thought starting off with a unicycle date is the path to becoming a level 11 rider :wink:

Well, my GF love my UNIs, plays minecraft and works as programmer in heavy industry.

Guess I had a chance :sunglasses:

If the person I was going on a first date with understood the plan was to bring item A and instead they brought item B, I’d immediately question whether this person was worthy of a relationship. If item B were an item commonly associated with being odd, asking for attention, or the circus, I’d question it more. Somewhat because of those facts and somewhat because the person didn’t realize that I’d question it, or didn’t care.

Lots of men have posted stuff on this forum about the danger of being abandoned by their woman if they acquire that one extra unicycle they’ve had their eye on, but on the other hand unicycle families do exist, and they seem to get along well. These are people who have lived together for years or all their lives, though, and know how to ride and learn tricks from one another. In my opinion, unicycling is far too ambitious an activity if you are on a date, especially a first date!

What MuniOrBust said.

Dude needs to know that the “Chick Magnet” shirt from UDC is being sarcastic.

And let’s give the woman some credit. Sounds like the expectation was to go on a “bike ride” on this (blind?) date. Even if you brought a relatively big unicycle, it’s not what she was expecting even if the guy can ride really fast.

For him, it might just be a way for him to do a very quick test of his date to see how she reacts to surprises and silliness. He got on the news, after all; sounds like he probably got more out of that than he expected to get from the date.

100% correct :slight_smile:

Why was this woman in such a hurry? Is bicycle dating some sort of speed dating? I am not familiar with the concept. :thinking:

Bike ride for the first date???

Foreign to me…

I’ve been thinking the same thing through this whole thread. Does anyone besides me think a bicycle ride for a first date is a little bizarre?

Why would it be bizarre? In this case it might be since the guy didn’t seem to want to ride a bike. If both people liked riding bikes it could be a good first date. Ride a trail and stop for a bite to eat. What’s wrong with that?

Doesn’t quite adhere to the consumerist dating narrative. If they had driven to the mall, had dinner, shopped, went to a movie, that’d be a proper date. Don’t forget flowers, get a haircut while you’re at it, get the car washed, and are you wearing a good enough antiperspirant?

One way the media indirectly support the consumerist dating narrative is by sneering at something outside that narrative. The media are supported by the advertising dollars of corporations whose profits depend on the practice of this consumerist narrative and whom don’t benefit much from a bicycle-riding first date.

So, that’s what’s weird about the above first-date. Not that I expect a bunch of nonconformist unicyclists to feel that way. Stick it to the man!