bleeding brakes truing wheels look inside

hey wasn’t too sure where to put this or if i was allowed to put this or what to put as the title for that matter, thing is i’m trying to raise a bit of money so i can buy a cheap uni, about 50 quid would rarther buy second hand because you get more for your money so here i am trying to raise money…

if anyone needs a wheel building or truing up i’ve had lotts of practise and am quite proud and confident that i’m able to do this, depending on wether you want me to buy in the bits or whatever depends on price

then i see lotts of people have maggys but not the equiptment to bleed or do general repair if anyones interested it depends on what you want to run the maggy on, water or oil personaly i’d recomend water and it’d be cheaper too

because of my basher insticts (sp?) on my push bike i’ve had to learn to do general repairs and if anyone’s struggling with removing a part if you email me or pm send it off to me and if i have the tool i’ll sort it out for you

yet again sorry for the mahhhoooosive post and sorry if i’m not allowed to say this :o and if it makes no sense or if i rambled on abit like i am now =/

Have you got a spare HS33 lever?

yes i have =] i take it you need a complete lever witht he lever body aswell?

edit- pc has no spell check =/

No, I have the lever body. I just snapped the lever, dropped it off the northshore :angry: e-mail me and i can have it posted to you as soon as…

right i’ve e-mailed you back and whats going on with this forum how come you can only edit like your last post? or am i not looking?

right i just remembered some other things i can offer my service as heres a sum up:

brake bleeding;
wheel building/truing;
cnc brake backings vee or maggy backings ;
coloured maggy hosing ;
crack welding i will also sand the weld down make it look neat and for a bit more cash paint it to match or re paint it as near as i can;
grind rims(do you guys do that?);
i can put words in for you on the trials forum if you need a certain item;
i can also get the best rim tar going and am able through lots of testing recommend the best braking set up for every kind of rider;
also i have connections :wink: i know people who own manufacturers so if you after a certain brand i can get a good ol’ discount;
and i’m thinking of making my own brake pads with my secret compound so if anyone wants a certain colour brake pad with certain attributes ie modulation bite nd so on just e-mail me;
aswell as i can reccomend what bike to go for motorbike or pushbikes but that shits free =] your online bike shop :stuck_out_tongue:

why would we grind our rims? :wink:
we don’t need tar mate… and brake pads are usually irrelevant since we only want shit braking to slow us down for steep hills not instant stop stuff.

however next time i need a rim or something i might give you a shout see if i can get me a discount :wink: thinknig of which can you get a 19" rim that is wider than 47mm in 36h?

if you can use a rear mod rim then i know the cheapest site to buy from inc postage n everything tbh the discount thing is more bike stuff like frames and forks i’m not sure if the guy does anything else and and and i know the place for the anodizing bits only rims would be usable on the uni’s though
guess i didnt think this through too much i’m near useless for you uni riders but if you have a trials bike or motorbike and you need help building it or stripping it or just want advice feel free to drop me a line

and i never thought about the stopping power, so your after modulation? if so i know how to get the best modulation with the best pad life in wet and dry