Blast from the past!

This is from August, 2006. It was one of the first times I wrote some humorous bits for my videos. This is still probably my favorite opening bit. Jim (munivision) was happy to get into the act, as were some mtbers and hikers along the way! Btw, this is where Jim got the idea for his current Uni-forum name, “Munivision”, after the opening title in my video below.

The second vid is my very first “UniGeezer” video from almost three years ago. It wasn’t until about my third in the series that I changed “old geezer” to “UniGeezer”. My riding back then was pretty tame, so I guess some old dogs can learn new tricks, and still improve with age, lol. :o

Cool! I remember when you posted that second video.

Thanks Matt. I actually had posted it three months before your join date. Did you use a different name or account before that? :smiley:

Haha! Terry with a Torker DX!!!:stuck_out_tongue: You improved you skills alot since!! you Muni skills and your Video skills also:)

It’s funny to see you riding with a Torker DX, it makes me remember when I saw a picture of your Muni when it had a “normal” blue KH frame:p

OMG, haha, I forgot about the DX! Yeah I remember that was my first “real” MUni, but soon upgraded to the KH. Here’s my second Unigeezer video from almost 3 years ago, and I had just started trying 5 stair rolling hops, 180 unispins, jumps and overall improved riding. :slight_smile:

I love watching how much riders have improved! Thanks for posting!:smiley:

You should also make more non-muni videos…those that you have made are some of my favourite videos from you! But I still love your muni videos!:smiley:

Yeah I did actually. I used it for about 4 or 5 months and then made a new one.

Thanks. Yeah lately I’ve really been concentrating on MUni but plan to make more urban stuff. I need to learn new tricks on my trials and also have a few ideas fro 36er tricks. :smiley:

Haha, I thought that might have been it. What was your old name…if you don’t want to say that’s ok. :slight_smile:

i remember watching all of them other than the chronicles one!

obviously not when they came out but when i was looking into unicycling i watched a load of videos. i saw one with this “uni-geezer” guy who was really good so i decided to watch all the videos i could find of his.

liked the banjo unicycles


I think I made it quickly so that I could post a thread asking a few questions. Then I ended up using it a bit more and getting into the forums. That’s when I decided to make a new one that actually had my name in it.

Hehe, cool videos. :slight_smile:
I remember a lot more of them than I’d thought. :slight_smile:

I get emails and comments sometimes from people saying they’ve watched all of my videos, and I’m always very flattered by that, especially when you take into account that with more than 200 videos, that adds up to well over TEN HOURS of viewing! Haha, I’m sure they are not all watched in one sitting, but that’s still a lot of viewing hours! :smiley:

I think I remember that username, but since your name is Matt, why did you use “Chester”? :slight_smile:

Sigurd, I remember when you first emailed me (before you joined this forum) saying that you were also watching all of them, lol! Then I saw your videos and thought, wow…your street, flat and trials riding is amazing, and I can’t come close to those skills! :smiley: