Blackberry cellphones

I have a couple of blackberry cellphones I am going to sell. I didnt want to put them on this site if it is only for Unicycle related items. If appropriate, and anyone is interested, I will try to get some descriptions and pictures?:slight_smile:

im pretty sure that iff its non unicycle related it should be in JC
other people have put things up for sale in it.

no, if it’s not uni related it shouldn’t be sold on here at all, this is spam. In the future please just report it useing the bad post button rather than posting in it, which just keeps it at the top of the pile for longer.

People have done it here as well, but Craigslist, ebay or another online buy/sell website would probably get more results.

are they gsm? what are the models + prices??

Looks like when Gilby finds you, your thread will die.