Black vs. White

Soon i am getting my KH20 powdercoated.
I was thinking about white.
I was thinking about black.
I was thinking about matte black.
What will look the best, also stay looking the best the longest? :sunglasses:

I’m a big fan of matte anything, it stays on pretty well and looks great. Go with a matte white to be unique!

thats an idea! but what about scuffing it with my shoe?

White would look cool imo, but it would look dirtier more easily (most white things do). You could always get it powdercoated a color, I don’t think I’ve seen a red KH before, which would look pretty cool.

i have thought about that to. but i want to change up color schemes when ever. If i get it white or black i could run any color saddle or rim with out making a rainbow! lol

think about this, White vehicles do not show scratches as much as black vehicles. :roll_eyes:

I vote for white! Those look really hot. Then get cool colored pedals. :smiley:

Or get orange lol.

Adrien Delecroix has a red KH…

In the bicycling world, if you have a white component (say, a saddle or bar tape) that gets really grungy and dirty and you don’t take the time to clean it, it sends the message that you’re really hard-core and you spend so much time on your bike that you don’t have the time to clean it or that it wouldn’t matter much if you did because it would get dirty again so soon anyway.

White is superior to black.

Black AND White

If you can`t decide then go this way:


Or do something with my design.

Matt black, red rim, SS spokes, flames. A kinda hotrod colour scheme.

Jerrick that would be amazing! lol

Im not worried about keeping it clean much if i like my uni i will take care of it. :wink: :smiley: lol

I have always gone with black, but when I bought my racing bike I went with all white and it looks great, especially when its all clean (that never lasts for long though :roll_eyes: )

White would be the most stand-out color, since there are so few white unicycles. Black ones are everywhere. As for not showing the scars, probably the non-matte black would be best.

How nice to establish the consensus view before expressing your individuality in this way… :thinking:


I have no experience with matte powdercoat finishes, but I would expect it to be harder to keep clean than a gloosy finish. It would still protect the underlaying metal for sure, but might pick up a dirty look if you went with the white.

That said, I would vote for white, gloosy white.

Flat black would look great too, but then it would be just about as unique as every body elses uni, sorta.

Getting a Uni powder coated is a great idea. I’ve never regretted getting the KH24 done several years ago. It has held up very nicely with only minor scratches, and that’s after many hundreds of miles, and a “few” good tumbles. I forget how old the powdercoat job is exactly, but It was the first year KH was made. (I’m sure someone here remembers.) I took it out of the shipping box, took a 3 minute ride, took it apart, and went straight to the powdercoater.

ps… I know you didn’t ask, but others reading this thread may be curious…

I didn’t know what color I really wanted going in. After looking through the catalogs of colors, I decided on Candy Apple Green with silver flakes. Then the powdercoater guy let me in on a little secret:

To save cost, ask the powdercoater what left over powders he has from other big job (cars and such). Most often powder has to be bought by 20,30, 50+ pound boxes, regardless of how much your uni needs, (probably 1-2 lbs). After the customer gets their parts coated, the powdercoater sticks the unused powder on the shelf. My guy had 30 or 40 left over colors to choose from. He suggested mixing some of the colors. (double-coated Candy Purple with silver flake covered with a clearcoat) He cooked it after the purple. It was supposed to be a light purple, but he said it wasn’t even, so he did it again, and cooked it again. Then Silver flake and a cook, and then clearcoat gloss, and a final cook. Maybe that’s why it’s a bomb-proof job… four coats! :slight_smile:

Since the left over powder was already paid for by the 1st guy, he didn’t charge me for the powder, only the sand-blasting and labor. $35 for the uni frame, bearing holders, and brake bosses. Just make sure to tell your guy which surfaces need to remain powder free, such as where the bearing fit in. They should ask you about that anyway, (mine did).

Good luck, and let us know what you decide, and post some pics afterward!

Ed Hansen

Here’s what mine looked like fresh:

Ed - That is an amazingly cool color!

Also, white power!!

Its so hard to find affordable powdercoating around here.
I emailed one place and they said $250.00 im like nnnoooo thanks.
So now im looking for alternatives. My friend owns a auto body shop.
How would getting the frame professionally painted compair to powdercoating? I figure that it would have to be better than can spray paint.
He said he will do many coats of primer,paint,clear coat. :thinking:

no one has experiance with professional auto paint?!?!?!