Black Torker arrived today!

Hello All,
I just received my black Torker Unicycle today and it was a blast just putting it together. I bought it off of Ebay brand new for $79.00. I am about 6’2" and 230 pounds, this unicycle probably isnt made for that big a guy but it has worked so far so good, but today is only my first day and i can go about 2 feet. Does anyone know the weight capacity of these Torkers? And does anyone have any tips at all that can help me out, i have read all the threads and articles about it but did not really help. i am learning by myself as i do not have friends that can waste their time with trying to hold me up on a unicycle. And does anyone know if there is a unicycling club at the University of Texas, that is where i go to school. thanks Brad

The black Torkers, or UniStars, have 48 spoke hubs and aluminum alloy rims. The wheels are quite strong. They have cheap cranks and axles so probably are limited in the size drops a big guy like you will be able to do without breaking it. I’m 6’2" 190# and don’t hesitate jumping off three stairs which is about 2 feet.

Someone your height should be concerned about the seat height on the 20" which has a midget seatpost. It requires an extension if you can find one for a 25.4mm (1") seatpost. If you have the 24" version maybe it has a longer seatpost. I haven’t seen one yet. carries a 25.4 mm to 22.2 mm shim that will allow you to use a standard 22.2 mm unicycle seatpost on the black Torker.


I don’t know if the Torker uses the Miyata style seat mount or the more standard Schwinn style seat mount.

long standard seatpost
long Miyata style seatpost

Someone should suggest to Torker that they make some longer 25.4mm black seatposts so tall people will be able to ride their cool black unicycles.

I thinks its just revenge by someone with a 32" inseam that can’t ride tall people’s unicycles.

Steve “Hacksaw” DeKoekkoek

the Torker Unistar uses the Miyata style seat mount.

i suppose if a person went with the 25.4 to 22.2 shem they could also use Miyata post extender

Mine is the 24" version, it seems like the right size but what do iI know im knew at this stuff. thanks for all your help, any additional wisdom or thoughts are greatly appreciated, thanks. Brad

hey brad

at your height its good that you got the 24"

there are markings on the seat post that look like this ||||||||| all the way around the diameter of your seat post.that is the minimum insertation line.if you need it to be higher than that line,then invest in one of the options listed above.

for a good seat post connection there should be at least 3 inches of seat post in the seat tube.

Which campus of UT? There is a juggling club at UT-Austin with some unicycle riders:

Hey Brad,
The Torker is an excellent choice for your first uni (there will be more!!!) I just recently started to uni,too. Check out this link, it has a lot of information that can help.