Black Signature for sale (freestyle unicycle)

A beautiful freestyle uni needs a new owner :slight_smile:

  • K1 Gold seat with KH street orange cover
  • K1 reinforced seatpost
  • K1 Gold seatclamp
  • Signature 500mm frame ( shiny black paint)
  • K1 Reinforced hub
  • black spokes
  • K1 90mm light cranks
  • black tire
  • Gold freestyle rim
  • Standard plastic pedals
  • etc.

If u have questions about price, quality, or anything else, message me:

And I’m from hungary. :slight_smile:

Here are some pics:

Happy bidding! :wink:

Noone needs? =(


Starting price is 290 EUR

I can also offer to trade this Signature vs a nice street or flatland uni :wink:

Noone needs? =(