Black Hills MUni weekend!

So, who’s going? I suppose I’m one of the organizers, and I guess as the only forumite who’s doing organizing, I’ll be the one to make the official thread. There’s a lot of information available from, which is the main website. It SHOULD be updated with the Sunday trail description as soon as I can get my brother to do it. I think one has been written up, and I will post it here.

Lodging has been arrainged at Lake Park Campground and Cabins , but we didn’t manage to make any reservations. I’m not sure if they are sold out for that weekend yet, as business heats up for tourism around this time, so if you want to camp there you should probably make reservations ASAP.

Chances are that there will be some kind of good ride to do Friday afternoon or evening. The details of Saturday’s ride are on the website, along with various pictures. More pictures of both Saturday’s and Sunday’s rides can be found in my gallery.

As for Sunday’s ride, it is a total of 11 miles. It’s mostly fast singletrack MUni, so without very many technical areas, so everyone who has one is encouraged to bring their 29er. The trail has an overall vertical drop of approximately 1700 feet, with some uphills scattered throughout. The highlight of the ride is a 2 mile medium grade descent into Bulldog Gulch. The descent is mostly covered with hand sized loose rocks, which make the ride very interesting. After descending into the gulch, there are two small stream crossings, followed by some smooth uphill. after many switchback contortions, the trail finally drops down toward the highway, which it passes under, and continues mostly flat to the bottom, where there is a large parking lot.
We have arranged to get a bus shuttle for this ride from Jesse Hansen of Rushmore Bicycles. This will probably cost around 3-5 dollars, but would be very handy, because everyone can leave their cars at the bottom of the trail and ride the bus to the top.

We have designed tshirts, which will be available from anybody in my family. You can get them when you register. The prices are to be determined, but I’ll post them, as well as pictures of the shirts in this thread later.

dude…I so wish I could make it this year. The trails look 5 times better than last years. Too bad, I love it over there. Last year was so much fun.