Black Hills Muni Weekend Website is UP

Please check out the website at:

Some of the details have changed:

  1. The rides both days will be in Spearfish Canyon.

  2. There are new recommended places to stay–based on this move to Spearfish Canyon.

I’ll continue to upgrade the site over the Holidays.


Alright, you got Teddy on the Uni! And he’s doing no handed seat in back, awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:

Notice that the registration fee is only $10.00

This fee will cover the $250 in insurance we are paying to the Black Hills Mountain Bike Association, and maybe some incidentals.

We’ll check out interest in t-shirts as we get closer to the ride date.


Great work! A friend of mine and I have been organising the Australian MUni Weekend for the last few weeks/months. It’s a lot of work hey! Our website should be up in the next two weeks.


Black Hills MUni Weekend Questions.

I’m planning on doing the Black Hills MUni Weekend as part of a family vacation trip with the wife & three kids and have to make plans. Four months seems like forever away but comes way to fast.

Who is planning on attending?

Where are you planning on staying? We’re coming with our travel trailer. The recommended forest service campgrounds are first come first serve. It would be a major bummer to show up at the campgrounds only to find them already filled.

The recommended cabins look great but we’d rather save the cost and stay in our trailer. We’ve also found some RV campgrounds about 10 miles away.

My oldest and I will be doing the rides, the youngest won’t be able to do any significant distance unicycling but may be able to follow on her bike if the trail isn’t too technical. My wife and son won’t be riding. Is anybody else bringing non-riding family or friends?

Gentle tip for web design: put the dates on the home page, versus just a “save these dates” w/o link. Had to tunnel into Registration page before finding dates.

Steve: we’re batting this concept around, and if we went we’d drive the Durango and do some tenting. I tend to think it’s all talk at this point, as I seem to be the only Interested Vote. We’ll probably spin around for a month or so before deciding, but I’d say chances are 80/20 against.

On the other hand, I still have a free round trip on Delta for a solo flight…