Black Hills Muni Weekend June 25 & 26, 2005

Yes, we have dates. Come to the Black Hills of South Dakota to ride June 25th and 26th.

We had a great time last year. This year will just as fine.

The rides will venture beyond Spearfish Canyon. We’ll ride the Bone Collector–a trail decorated with the remains of lesser riders. The Bone Collector also has North Shore type constructed obstacles.

Our website is

It needs some work. Anyone want to volunteer ideas for a new image on our home page?


David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD

This event was great fun this year. I most definently want to do it again next year.

oy, I’m gonna bump this, because everybody everywhere should come. really.

I’m going to try and make it up…hopefully i’ll have a Muni by than.

I’ve got it marked on the calendar and I’m going to try and make it this year.

Mojoe…thawing out in Iowa

Can anyone give a comparision of this event to MOAB…?
(anyone been to both …?)

i gotta get a new hub/cranks, but if i have a job i can take the time off of, i’m all over it.

It’s a lot smaller than Moab, and it’s not slickrock. Last year’s rides were mountain ridges and pine forests–all single track.

Moab is slickrock on the Slick Rock Trail. The other rides are often on jeep trails that have deep sand–until you get to more slickrock or climb up to a mesa or out of the valley.

This year’s Black Hills Muni Weekend will include the Bone Collector, a steep downhill trail marked by bones and constructed obstacles–rails, stairs, jumps, etc. I hope to post a video soon.

David Maxfield

Hey David Im Marshall Stangle. The Kid Who Video Taped Mike Ray On The Bone Collector. If You Need ANY Info On This Tape Or Anything You Can Hit Me Up On Here. I Am A Frequent On That Trail And Im Happy To Help Out With Any Of The Questions Or Tasks You Need Me To Take. Mikes Often A Tough Guy To Get A Hold Of And Im Usually Bored Out Of My Mind Because Im Finished With School And I Only Unicycle All Day. So Hit Me Up If You Need Me I Think It Is A Great Thing You Are Doin For Our Local Unicyclists Thanx!!

Marshall Stangle:)

I Would Also Like To Add That You Will Have To Walk Up Bone Collector There Really Is No Driving Up There Im Guessing There Is A Way But Its Much More Fun To Walk If You Want Pictures For The Site I Can Send Them To You Via Email Or Snail Mail One Last Thing Do We Have To Pay This Year Again

<rant>Ok. What’s With The Caps? It Ain’t Cute.</rant>

I am interested in this trip. Sounds like the terrain I have been wanting to ride.


:roll_eyes: I Type The Way I Want Im Not Trying To Be Cute If I Was Trying To Be Cute Id Type Like This AnD Id MaKe RuDe CoMmEnTs AbOuT HoW OtHeRs TyPe On ThE InTeRnEt…:smiley:

But Anyway This Is The Place To Be If You Wanna Ride On Good Single Track Mud Trails And Technical Forest Areas:D

man, depite the funny capitalizing i gotta get to this. i’m already in iowa so it’s not that far to drive. only half of iowa and most of one of the most boring states to drive through. still if the riding half as awesome as you report i 'm there.

Re: Black Hills Muni Weekend June 25 & 26, 2005

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When is the dead line for registration, and does anyone have any pictures of past Black Hills Muni weekends they could post?

Not only is it a booooooring drive …

90 has an awfull warping that causes a ‘bumpy’ ride all the way back.

As long as your going you gotta explore :smiley:
(I’ve been there a few times)
950 miles for me… dunno If I can


I was teh resident trail tester guy for the MUni weekend last year, when it was in Spearfish, a bunch of those are my family’s pics. Anyways, I’m not sure how the rapid city trails are, because I’ve never ridden them. However, it should be great.

As for the comparison to moab: I’m flattered. really. It really is a great weekend though, and I’m happy to see all the people who are planning on coming.

Marshall stangle: I live in spearfish, I’ve seen you at the mall, I think. you were outside the like eye doctor place, it was last summer. You have a summit, no? I think we honked at you. We should hook up and ride sometime.

Nah My Summits Gone I Sold It To A Friend But Yes A Ride Would Be Fun Some Time When The Snow Clears And The Weather Gets Warm We Could Do The Bone Collector Its An Awesome Trail I Think Everyone Would Like It:D

Dave My Advice To You Is Take The Drive Im Sure You Will Like What We Are Setting Up Down Here Its Beautiful Country And Even More Fun To Ride Then To Look At

yeah, we shuold definetely ride sometime. there are more unicyclists than I thought around here… there are 3 in my family, another 2 who are my friends, another I kinda know.

Do you have like a uni posse in rapid? there’s you and mike ray, anyone else?


2.Mike Ray
3.Shawn Hayford
4.Zack Fiest
5.Cy (Ummmm LOL)
6. Jake Mordhorst
7.Anna Gagliano

Those Are Our Most Experienced Riders We Also Host A Unicycle Club At The YMCA Where We Bring In About 15 To 25 Kids A Day You Guys Should Come Down And Visit Us Every Tues. And Thurs. 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM At The YMCA On Kansas City St. Be Great To See You There Or Just Private Message Me And Ill Get Ya My Phone # And You Can Call Me On A Free Day And We Can Hit Up A Ride