Black Domina

Yeah so could somone please give me a review of this Frame. I don’t need a review of the unicycle as a whole, just the frame because I sort of messed mine up already and I’m thinking about getting a black domina frame.

If anyone knows anything about the frame itself, strength, quality, ect. (weights not really a big deal cause I know its light) Before anyone asks, yes I did use the search feature but all I could find was reviews of the uni as a whole, not just the frame.

I would appreciate any help and oh yeah I almost forgot. The type of riding I would be doing would mainly consist of street/trials.

Aaaahhh, someone please respond

for flatland i personnaly prefer the kh than the black domina one…
the only plus i see for the black domina is that it’s a long neck frame…

Personally I’ve never ridden the frame but from what I hear its not a great choice for street and trials as it supposedly has a weak point in the crown, however as far as I know this issue could have been fixed by now. Most of the flat riders I’ve spoken to have said the KH frame is pretty terrible for flat, the crown is up high and the bearing holders are wide, robbing you of precious space to stand during crankroll tricks. The domina frame suffers from neither of these issues however, making it a good flatland frame. I don’t feel that for its price the domina frame offers much for trials or normal street over the alternatives.

Alright thanks for the info guys, and if anyone else has something to say plz post. I’m going to make a decision very soon.

Yea I thought about this frame. I agree the price is a bit high for the questionable strength.

well a kh frame is lighter, stronger and cheaper. Yeha its a longneck frame and looks cool. Thats about the only thing going for it.

Get a nimbus frame. Strong, cheap, avaliable.

I agree, and they now have machined bearing holders.

What does the machining do to help?

and I think there may be more footroom near the bearings. Dont know that for sure tho.

Actually for what I’m getting the frame for it would be about $50 cheaper than what UDC offers KH frames for. As for the strength I wouldn’t know, thats why I’m asking. But I appreciate all the help.

I think I remeber Spencer saying that he liked the bedford frame for doing flat stuff I may be mistaken though.

if you want a flat top frame just order a qu-ax street frame off MDC

itllbe less than a black domina, and stronger…(?)

Also way more clearance YAY FOR CLEARANCE! Having that much clearance kind of defeats the purpose of the frame.

It seems like no one has been reading my posts lately, I already said that.

As for Spencer, he said he prefers the bedford/nimbus frame over the KH frame for this exact reason however he now rides the black domina and as far as I know its working out well for him.

If you have nice cranks for flatland (relatively big area on the rounded edge of the crank) then the bigger bearing holders on the KH don’t really matter. While my domina frame was being powdercoated I put my KH frame on my wheel and I didn’t notice any difference in foot room because I still had a lot of room on the cranks. If you are riding a KH frame on moment cranks, it does make a difference though. Moments already have a small space to stand on when the crank is vertical and its hard to stay on them as it is so with slimmer bearing holders, the added space you get on the crank does make a difference.

My domina frame is cool, I love the crown and I love that its a long neck.

what color did you powder coat it?