Black Domina on Nimbus hub

Will a black domina frame fit on a nimbus hub?

Not unless you grind away the inside of the bearing holders.

Will doing this damage the bearing holders?

I don’t see how it would but I’ve never tried it.

Why not get the new kh longneck?

I probably will
I wanted a black frame though.
But I’ll probably just strip the KH one which will look fine

You could probably get a black frame from bedford. Just email them.

Not knowing what type of frame you are looking for I am going to say you could get a nimbus frame or KH Frame powder coated black. We could help you out.

And you would seriously make a choice like that over color?

Well considering a black domina is what 40 dollars more? And I want a black frame. So if I got a KH and powdercoated it…then it would end up being about the same price.
So I thought it would be easier to just get a BD 2
I’m not even sure if I could get one in the states though anyways. I was going to email renegade and ask if they ever have any of the second version in stock.