Black Domina II... read in

Hi peeps

wondernig about gettin this frame. im a trials rider that likes to dabble in a bit of street from time to time. how is this frame?

Anyone broken the v2 of this frame? cos i know the v1 was weak… dont wanna be getting a frame thats gonna die on my quick. Ive got a KH now and getting bored of it

does anywhere in US or Can still stock these bad boys?


I have one of those and I haven’t had any problems with it. Good frame for me at least.

No clue where you can get one in the U.S. except maybe renegade juggling. What year KH do you have?

How can you get bored of a KH frame?! KH frames are awesome, you can just paint it black and it’ll be a little bit less boring than the original Blue. If I was you I would keep the KH because the Black Domina is a Flatland frame and you might hit your knees on the crown sometimes while doing sidehops, the KH is a “knee-friendly” frame.

Your not going to find one cause renegade just sold out. I asked Tom about a month ago and he said he had one left that someone was interested in so I think by now he doesn’t have it. But not sure I would recomend giving him a call. And btw if you didn’t break your kh yet I wouldn’t get the domina. But check firetoys they have them I think but they’re in europe. I think they sell to the US though

What is it about your KH frame that you aren’t liking or wish was different.

You also might want to consider an Impact, EB, or QX frame.

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