BLACK DOMINA frame... strong enough for trial?

Hi, i am wondering if Black Domina frame by Koxxone is strong enough for trial?
I heard that 2 French street riders broke it… Remi and another guy. But they are rough street riders no? does anyone know how long it took for them to break the dominas? Or anyone else that broke one?

What about matt huet, cody and xavier? did they break their black dominas?

i might buy a 1-week old black domina frame off a friend for cheap. I will put it on Reinforced wheel and steel seatpost, will it now be strong for trial?

If it is strong enough, i can buy it off my friend and not need to buy a new KH frame.

thanks you,

Matt and Xavier haven’t break their frame…and when you see how Matt rides, you can be sure the black domina frame is robust!

I think black domina frame is as robust as the KH one, and I don’t know anyone who broke it…(just Remi, but he breaks a lot of unicycle parts!)

I think your uni will be ok for trial unicycling, but steel seatpost is very heavy, and if you have a little more money to spend for your uni, I advice you to buy the PitFighter seatpost, I have it, and it is as robust as a steel one, and only weight 200g…

Ok tim, thank you

but pleaes explain this:

The Black Domina is base off the Signature frame, yes? I hear that the signature frames had a defect (Trevor talked about it at unicon) and also Signature frames have been broken from freestyle use according to Roger at

Is the Black domina frame reinforced or changed from the signature frame? Apart from the colour and the width of the frame to fit 19" tyre, is the Black domina more reinforced in the tubes?

Also, what kind of warranty does Koxx One carry if i break a black domina from trials use?


Uhm, I don’t think Koxx One even has warranty :roll_eyes:

Peter M

There is a flaw in the signature frames, I don’t know if it’s been fixed in the black domina but I highly doubt it. They probably havn’t been broken yet because they’ve been released not so long ago. Also I agree with Peter here: Warranty??? :roll_eyes:

If you cover the cost of a new frame, i’m sure they’ll give you another one free of charge.