Black Cap on 24" LX

Where the cranks attach the axle, the is a black cap on one side, buti guess it fell off on the other. Will this affect anything in the long run? I haven’t noticed a problem yet. Also my pedal is clicking, but I haven’t noticed that affecting anything either. Is this just normal new uni-rider tear up?


Re: Black Cap on 24" LX

All of this is happening to my LX 24". The cap doesn’t matter at all. I think the pedal clicking might be the bearing. I am soon to replace my pedals though, so I shouldn’t have a problem with the clicking anymore.

The black crank-cap keeps out dust and dirt.

See this thread:

Ah! pedals clicking! I lost a pyramid nut (is that what they’re called?) that holds on the cotterless cranks to my norco because the dust cap fell out of one of my cranks. Let me explain in a bit more detail:

The ‘clicking’ you’re feeling is probably the crank being loose. I at first thought it was my pedals, but I beat the thing up so much that the pedal had started to come loose, and the nut with it. Aside from keeping out dust, the cap also holds the nut that holds your pedal on with it if your crank does fall off - saving you the trouble of having to go down to the LBS and get a stupid silly 14mm nut. I had to go to the LBS and get the nut. arg! no uni for a day! :smiley:

Those caps on the crank have three purposes:

  1. Looks - It looks better to have a nice cap there instead of a bare bolt.
  2. Protect the crank threads - The threads are used to pull the crank off the hub. If the threads get damaged then it becomes difficult to thread on the crank extractor.
  3. Hold the nut - If the crank nut comes completely loose the dust cap can catch the nut before it falls on the ground and gets lost.

You can find nice metal dust caps that will stay on much better than the plastic ones. The metal ones are threaded and won’t fall off like the plastic ones.

Bike shops that carry old or vintage bike parts should have some of the metal dust caps for cranks. UDC also carries some metal dust caps. Those metal dust caps are getting harder to find now because modern bikes now use a new kind of crank bolt that integrates the dust cap and the bolt.

Heh, Well for the torker, it doesn’t seem like its doing much, and its just a beginner cycle for me. Im probably getting a new one this summer. Ill throw a peice of duct tpe over it, rather then spend the money on new dust caps. Thanks for the help.


I eat dust caps.

well thats interesting, one would think their pretty dusty, do you eat the dust too?


Crank Paranoia

Is it clicking or clunking?

As flyer said, it may be that the crank is coming loose. If the crank falls off, it could give you a very nasty fall. Especially if you are going up a steep hill, pushing down very hard on the pedal as it comes off.

Butt the wheel up against something and hold the wheel very firmly, then grab the crank and try to move it back and forth. Really pull and push on the crank hard and see if it seems loose (angle the crank like the handle on a slot machine so you have some leverage). The first time a crank came loose, I couldn’t figure out where the clunking feeling and sound was coming from. Each time I stopped riding to try to figure it out, the crank seemed tight. But it was just wedging itself somehow. Once I stopped and it was very loose. And some people asked if I could ride it (I was pushing it), so I (perhaps stupidly) rode it like 10 feet to show them. But then the crank was magically “tight” again (well, it felt that way).

I’m sure you can get much more expert advice here. I’m paranoid about ANY strange sound or feeling. I stop riding immediately and figure it out. I’m paranoid about shoelaces getting caught and cranks coming loose (you should tuck your shoelaces in, if you aren’t already).

P.S. - You can also (after removing the remaining dust cap) inspect the cranks visually. Get to know how much bolt, if any, should stick out past the nut. It’s not necessarily the same on each side. Before most rides, I give the cranks a quick visual check. (needless to say, I don’t have dust caps – I would rather have everything visible.)

(Does anyone else have “crank paranoia”?)

Well, the clicking happens on the left side when its at the top of a pedal revolution, and its usually about 3 clicks. I don’t really see how that can be a crank problem. I don’t really want to remove my pedals because I know I put the wrong pedal on one side and stripped half of its insides. Unless this is a real problem, I doesn’t really bother me too much.