BJC2K Solar System Ride

Thanks all for coming.

And a special thanks go to: Pete Tompson at the Department of Psychology -
University of York, who co-founded the route and gave us the info-flyers and
quizzes. He was the informative guiser in the yellow top taking photos no
available at

    Nikki at the end of the ride in Riccal. Who freely laid on a quality
    barbe for twenty "random" Yikers. Nikki and Johnny (who was at work)
    have been members of our church since the start of this year and their
    faith in action never ceases to amaze me.

    The Minibus driver (name escapes me) who gave his time for the
    standard workshop payment (a beer voucher) and the minibus for the
    cost of the fuel.

See you all at BMW2k perhaps…

Tall Paul. <><