BJC friday report

With a unicycle bias, here a quick write up of friday at the BJC ( that s
the British Juggling Convention to the un-initiated).

Paul and I showed up on Thursday night and headed straight for the bar,
where we found Roger and a few unicycles and a band playing. one or three
pints later and Roger was playing the dancing stages video game on his
uni, he even managed to clear a level!

Friday morning dawned cold and clear and with it the workshop
programkicked into gear. Unicycle Hockey in a tiny dance studio , playing
3 a side with a foam ball and quater size goals was followed by a
beginnners-inter uni workshop a little later. During this workshop Roger
was seen cuddling the wheel of a 20 inch while a news reporter did the
worst impresion of riding a uni I’ve ever seen. Honestly she was sitting
on the saddle like it was a sofa!

The afternoon saw a skills swap seesion go head to head with a
maintenance workshop. The skill swap got chucked out of Falmer House
Courtyard by a zelous security guard, while the maintenace workshop over
ran its 45 minutes by about 2 hours. They ended up fixing a tricycle at
the end of the afternoon, so this workshop was nothing if not thorough.

At the end of the afternoon the planned unicycle quidditch did not take
place. Who ever thought quiditch with its 14 players and 4 balls ( 3 of
them rather hard) would fit in a small mirrored studio was mistaken. So
instead a uni games session was disorganised. and a bunch of riders
enjoyed gladiators, stuck in the mud, musical unicycles, a slow race and

Paul and I left site that evening as we had other stiff to do over the
weekend, so a report on the “offical” games , parade and show will have to
come from some one else.


Union of UK Unicyclists
By and for UK riders