Bjc 2009

so, who’s going, what’s happening?

I’ve not been able to find out any info from the organisers website so wondered if anyone knew what was happening? Any hockey?

Just about all I know of is it’s the 19th to 23rd August in Norwich, I’ll be there until Friday or Saturday and will be trading. I’m told Daiki Izumida will be unicycling in the show which should be amazing.

The dates clash with BMW, so I won’t be there. (Apart from the fact that BMW will be a lot cheaper too). There are a few jugglers/unicyclists going from Nottingham and Derby that I know of, so if you meet any of them, say Hi from me.


I’m going. I wasn’t able to go to BUC so I’m really looking forward to it.

I had a dream about it last night and woke up feeling all excited this morning. :smiley:

If I was the kind of person to put peoples quotes in sig lines, I’d use this one!





Hi Mike

We are going to BMW with some of our hockey team - there are a number of people going to BJC from JUST.
We have just taken part in NO Fit State Circus World premiere of Parklife so if you want a write up for the mag we will put one together check out our website at for the link to Nofitstate on the front page- collating photos at the moment.

Daiki and Cheeky? not sure of the spelling came to our club night and did a demo - which was excellent. we have photos and videos of this but not yet on the website.

You have my email address get in touch