bjc 2008

so, just wondering who’s planning on coming this year? (apart from myself)


ive pre registered with my dad and brother, who are both predominantly jugglers

i, on the other hand should be doing more unicycling

im up for helping organise some unicycling workshops and hockey and things, its always cool to meet new people

who else will be there???


I’m not going unfortuantely but if you’re up for helping then contact - they asked me if I could help with organising some hockey but neither myself nor any other EMU’s are going - I’m sure that they would appreciate you giving them a shout.


I am going and having spoken to the organisers I know that they are still looking for someone to organise some hockey and unicycle workshops.

It is definately worth getting in touch as they were planning to allocate a large portion of time in one of the halls to nothing but unicycling.

The best mail address to use for this is

Hope to see plenty of you there.


Predominantly a juggler.

i’m going. I’m hoping for hockey.

yer i’l be there,

i will come talk to people riding if i see ne of you,


Don’t just hope, Volunteer.

These events are run by volunteers, the organisers don’t get paid for the hundreds of hours of hard work they put in.

If you want hockey then e’mail the organisers and volunteer to organise some.

You get so much more out of events like these if you volunteer for just a couple of hours. Help the unicycling community by helping to organise something for them.

I’ll probably be on site early putting up fencing and sorting out bins and I’m sure I will end up doing a few shifts in various positions directing people and generally helping out.


Always a volunteer.

I’ve emailed Mick like you suggested and he has replied with the proposal.

At the moment 10am-12 on thursday and friday will be set aside for hockey and workshops and possibly another 2 hours in the afternoons.

check on here

let me know on the above thread if you can help



so so far we’ve



i know leo’s going…

anyone else?

I’m going on the Thursday and the Sunday. Ill be taking my uni on the Thursday and the juggling stuff on the Sunday.


i still need to buy my train ticket, though i’ll be arriving early wednesday…

I’ll be getting there on Wednesday too.

You do know it does not open until 4.00pm?

“The event opens 4pm Wednesday 26th March, and closes again 4pm Sunday 30th.”


I should be getting my new trials wheel at BJC

I’m really looking forward to that. No more broken cranks from dropping down 2 feet high drops.



bearing in mind that i’d prefer to pitch my tent earlier rather than later and have a piece of time to scout out the area and that multimap says that it’s at least 40 mins walk (unencumbered) from the station to the site, the two cheapest most reasonable train services are either:

the 9:59 from letchworth which will arrive at doncaster at 12:18 (two changes)

the 12:29 from letchworth, arriving at 14:20 (one change)


i could take the 7:05, change once at stevenage, arrive at doncaster just before 9 and take a leisurely stroll down to the 24hour asda, have shelter from the weather if it’s rubbish and the day is mine. i imagine i’ll feel much more chilled and much less rushed.

this is with a fare for under 9quid. (single)

A quick reminder for anyone still thinking about going,

BJC starts tomorrow.

Hope to see a few of you there.


Yes I’m looking foreword to getting a new uni wheel there, are the prices that UDC charge cheaper than the Internet?

Which wheel are you wanting? For something like this is best to ask us first to be sure we bring the wheel for you, we don’t normally bring wheels down with us.