BJC 2002 RR

A Ride report for a juggling convnetion?on a unicycle newsgroup? well,
yes. I did juggle at the BJC but only so I couldn’t be accused of NOT
having done so, mostly I unied, or lay about either feeling rubbish (
heavy cold) or passing the time of day chatting. The event was held in
Whitstable on the Kent coast, with some 500 or so jugglers in attendance
and a genourous helping of unicyclists to leven the mix.

So on with the RR… The first uni workshop of the weekend was a skills
swap shop, which gave some people the chance to pick up some tips on free
mounting and ideling, others the oppotunity to bounce them selves stupid
and Palle the chance to hop onto Rockets two wheeler and have a
go. Will Stevens was showing off his " interesting" new ONZA uni, with
incredibly long cranks on a really long axel with loads of play in the
splined hub. Like I say interesting, however as Will has been riding it
for a couple of weeks with out breaking it, it must be tough, and Will is
known for riding with cranks so beat up no one else can use them.

Saturday morning saw a couple of hours of Uni hockey with five teams made
up for games on a big out door pitch.Thanks go to Rocket for bringing
along the UK unicycle hockey goals with their smart new nets. More hockey
was played on Sunday morning, but by a much smaller number, so small in
fact that we played “Reading” v " the World" 4 a side to start with,
eventully getting up to “Thames Valley” v " the world" six a side as more
folk woke up. It was a good chance for a couple of youger players to get
to grips with the game tho.

Saturday Afternoon saw a small group of riders eschew the offered bus
ride to Canterbury for the BJC show and ride there instead. Seven of us
took a the NCN 1 route following ( in part) the route of Englands first
passenger railway line , an eighth ( Roger) follwed our tracks a few hours
later when he finished trading. The trip was a nice jaunt, we covered the
8 miles in slightly over an hour including stops to re-group, admire the
view, point at the Cathedrel and down neat lemsip powder ( I said I had a
heavy cold, I felt pretty bad mid ride). Simon has some pics at

Once in Canterbury our priority was to find a tea shop, with somewhere to
park the yikes. We fell on our feet with the tea shop of the Canterbury
Organic Wholefood Co-Op, 11 different real teas, 7 herbal infusions and a
whole load of coffess, cordials and fruit smoothies on the menu, bliss. We
ordered a selection , with Simon getting a discount on his smoothie as he
supplied his own Banana ( slightly camel bac sqashed). The shop had bike
parking out-side so we created a uni stack and left them there while we
took in the sights and a fish and chip supper.

Standing around outside the Cathedral at 6pm we were surprised to see a
smartly uniformed chap come out of one of the offical buildings with a
union flag draped over his shoulder. He marched up to the flag staff and
stared to raise the flag. This was odd, as sunset is the time to lower
flas, not raise them. We debated what he might be doing, rehersing for
Easter morning was one idea, but we soon realised that the flag was
stopping at half mast. It dawned on us that this meant a death, probadly
the Queen Mothers, a quick query to the flag raiser confirmed our
suspision and then the Cathedral bell started a slow toll to mark the
passing of the oldest member of the British Royal family. Somehow I think
we will remember where we were when we heard that bit of news.

On wards to the show however and nothing could dent the boisterious
nature of a BJC show crowd. Our unis were formed into another uni stack in
the theatre bar and we settled back to enjoy the show. Afterwards, Simon,
Greg and Roger (fools) decided to ride back, none of them had lights , but
undaunted (it was on cycle paths not roads) they set off. Eventully
reaching Whitstable after numerous falls and losings of the path.

The Convention Parade and games ocupied Sunday Afternoon. We Paraded down
to an area near Whitstable Harbour, a posse of unicyclists brought up the
rear of the parade, Rocket on a two wheeler, Simon and another chap on
giraffes, (little)Leo was all dressed up as a scary fairy, a vision in
lilac and purple. She stole the hearts of the stewards and the chap
running the CD for Musical unicycles and managed to win that game dispite
being only 4 ft tall, going on to win uni gladiators and as many other
games as the stewards could manage to swing for her.

The final uni event of the weekend was a game of Qudditch on Monday
morning. Only a small group were up early enough to play, but we tried out
the new quaffle and goals, which make the game more like the real
quidditch. A sort of a cross between unicycle rugby and basketball. I’ll
write up the revised rules and put them on-line for others to try out.

Consideing it was a juggling fest, there were a lot of unicyclists there,
the teenage riders are really getting in to drops and hops, and its great
to see an even youger pre teen group getting into riding and playing
hockey and quidditich.


British Unicycle Convention #9 April 19-21 2002
Unicycle Hockey, Games, Muni rides, Quidditch and Barn dance
Harry Cheshire High School, Habberley rd, Kidderminster