Bizarre comment

I was tonking along the river bank on my Coker the other night, towards the end of my training ride, and I noticed the Sea Cadets drifting about in their sailing boats, almost becalmed.

Sea Cadets are always rude to everybody. I was preparing a suitable reply for the anticipated comments.

And one of them said: “Look… he’s lost his unicycle… he’s only got one wheel.”

Two ideas fighting for space in one small brain.:smiley:

Re: Bizarre comment

That’s pure Yogi Berra, but without the humor and wit.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Re: Re: Bizarre comment

sounds more like murray walker to me!

(for the non-F1 people)

Borrow another unicycle, ride past them again pushing it and yell
“Look, I’ve found it” :slight_smile: